digiPress:Bayerische Staatsbibliothek Hundreds of German newspapers have been digitized and placed online. Of these, any newspaper with Preußen in the title can be useful. Of special interest is the Königlich Preußischer Staats-Anzeiger (Allgemeine preußische Staats-Zeitung).

Address Books

A number of Pomeranian address books have been stored in various archives. Both CompGen and Pommerndatenbank have a very thorough listing of indexes. Oftentimes, smaller villages would be listed underneath address books for larger cities. Other times, there would be different sets of books for the “Stadt” or city, and the “Landgemeinde” or “Landkreis” for the rural communities. Some address books can be found on the Baltic Digital Library.

Address books provide little help for genealogical reference other than professions, names of people, and possibly the address or phone number. Rarely will any other information of use be listed. However, these address books do help to establish where certain surnames were common during any given period of time. If you have an uncommon surname, these books can provide a jumping-off point for your research. A closer inspection into larger pockets of similar names within several villages can help establish a starting point for civil records and church book searches.

See CompGen’s GenWiki page for more information about availability and coverage.