Here, you can search for common relatives in our user-submitted family tree database. This feature was created after seeing several other similar databases, but none of them meeting the complete needs of the Pomeranian researcher.

This database combines several features. First, it allows you to submit and search for the most basic information regarding a particular surname. Second, it allows other users searching for that person to get in touch with each other. Lastly, and most importantly, it allows for the submission of a few names or hundreds of names either through a submission form or by uploading a file.

To Submit an Individual to the Database

If you would like to submit a member of your family to our database, please use our individual submission form.

Submit a Family Tree

If you have a GEDCOM file or a spreadsheet with several individuals or more, you may submit your information using our family tree submission form.

You may download our family tree spreadsheet to easily and quickly add as many individuals to the database as you would like. Just be sure to upload it using the submission form mentioned above!

So, how is this search different than GEDBAS?

In short, it’s not. This search provides similar features, but directed specifically at those researching in Pomerania. GEDBAS covers everything within German genealogy and therefore returns results that are not always connected to Pomerania. Those who have already submitted to GEDBAS are encouraged to submit their information here as well. We only take submissions for those with direct ancestry to Pommern.