These documents were published by municipal or governmental agencies with official announcements and notices. Prussia had numerous administrative regions publishing annual reports of government notices from each year.

The Amtsblätter der preußischen Bezirksregierungen is a complete list of these records that were archived and exist to-date in either print or digital format. It appears that this list is mostly, if not completely, available for reading in digital formats either from German libraries or through Google Books and that the list is maintained when new copies become available. This list is being included in its entirety so researchers may find links necessary for continuing research outside of Pomerania for ancestors who may have migrated in or out. Please see below for a select list of materials pertaining strictly to Pommern and its closely surrounding regions.

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Pommern Amtsblätter

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Amtsblatt der Königlichen Regierung von Pommern

Amtsblatt der Regierung zu Cöslin/Köslin

Amtsblatt der Regierung zu Stettin

Amtsblatt der Regierung zu Stralsund

Surrounding Regions