Kreis Belgard, Pomerania

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Please note that another Belgard can also be found in Lauenburg, closer to Danzig.

Cities and Villages

German Name Polish Name Civil Registry Office / Standesamt Administrative District / Amtsbezirke Evangelical Church Catholic Church
Belgard (an der Persante) Białogard Belgard (Persante) Belgard Belgard
Bad Polzin Połczyn Zdrój Bad Polzin Bad Polzin Schivelbein
Schivelbein Świdwin Schivelbein Schivelbein Schivelbein
Alt Lülfitz Lulewice Roggow Lülfitz Belgard Belgard
Alt Sanskow Zajączkowo Alt Sanskow Bramstädt Bad Polzin Schivelbein
Alt Schlage Sława Alt Schlage Alt Schlage Ziezeneff Schivelbein
Arnhausen Lipie Arnhausen Arnhausen Arnhausen Schivelbein
Ballenberg Biała Góra Wutzow Ballenberg Woldisch Tychow Belgard
Balsdrey Biały Zdrój Nelep Nelep Grössin Schivelbein
Battin Batyń Groß Rambin Groß Rambin Arnhausen Belgard
Berkenow Berkenow Schlenzig Schlenzig Semerow Schivelbein
Boissin Byszyno Lenzen Zarnefanz Lenzen Belgard
Bolkow Bolkowo Wutzow Ballenberg Woldisch Tychow Schivelbein
Boltenhagen Bełtno Lankow Lankow Rützenhagen Schivelbein
Bramstädt Toporzyk Bramstädt Bramstädt Bramstädt Schivelbein
Briesen Brzeżno Briesen Briesen Venzlaffshagen Schivelbein
Brunow Bronowo Brunow Brunow Reinfeld Schivelbein
Brutzen Brusno Groß Poplow Groß Poplow Groß Poplow Schivelbein
Buchhorst Żelimucha Roggow Kösternitz Belgard Belgard
Bulgrin Białogórzyno Bulgrin Bulgrin Bulgrin Belgard
Burzlaff Borzysław Groß Tychow Burzlaff Groß Tychow Belgard
Buslar Buślary Buslar Buslar Bad Polzin Schivelbein
Butzke Buczek Bulgrin Bulgrin Bulgrin Belgard
Damen Stare Dębno Muttrin Zadtkow Muttrin Schivelbein
Damerow Dąbrowa Białogardzka Alt Schlage Alt Schlage Ziezeneff Schivelbein
Darkow Dargikowo Pumlow Pumlow Siedkow Belgard
Denzin Dębczyno Roggow Roggow Belgard Belgard
Dohnafelde Donatowo Klanzig, Karsbaum Klanzig, Karsbaum Reinfeld Schivelbein
Drenow Drzonowo Białogardzkie Groß Tychow Groß Tychow Naseband (Krs. Neustettin) Belgard
Dubberow Dobrowo Siedkow Dubberow Siedkow Belgard
Döbel Doble Muttrin Zadtkow Muttrin Belgard
Gauerkow Gaworkowo Bramstädt Bramstädt Bad Polzin Schivelbein
Glötzin Głodzino Groß Rambin Groß Rambin Arnhausen Belgard
Groß Panknin Pękanino Roggow Kösternitz Belgard Belgard
Groß Rambin Rąbino Groß Rambin Groß Rambin Arnhausen Belgard
Groß Satspe Zaspy Wielkie Buckow Neu Buckow Seeger (Krs. Köslin) Pollnow (Krs. Schlawe)
Groß Tychow Tychowo Groß Tychow Groß Tychow Groß Tychow Belgard
Grüssow Gruszewo Lenzen Grüssow Lenzen Belgard
Grössin Krosino Nelep Nelep Grössin Schivelbein
Gumtow Chomętowo Langenhaken, Wartenstein Langenhaken, Wartenstein Schivelbein Schivelbein
Hohenwardin Wardyń Górny Buslar Buslar Bad Polzin Schivelbein
Jagertow Ogartowo Kollatz Kollatz Bad Polzin Schivelbein
Kamissow Kamosowo Standemin Kamissow Belgard|Standemin Belgard
Karsbaum Karsibór Klanzig, Karsbaum Klanzig, Karsbaum Labenz (Krs. Dramburg) Schivelbein
Kartlow Kartlewo Schlenzig Schlenzig Semerow Schivelbein
Kavelsberg Ogrodno Groß Poplow Groß Poplow Bad Polzin Schivelbein
Kieckow Kikowo Groß Tychow Zadtkow Groß Tychow Belgard
Klein Panknin Pękaninko Roggow Kösternitz Belgard Belgard
Klein Rambin Rąbinko Groß Rambin Groß Rambin Arnhausen Belgard
Klein Satspe Zaspy Małe Buckow Neu Buckow Seeger (Krs. Köslin) Pollnow (Krs. Schlawe)
Klempin Klępino Białogardz-kie Pumlow Pumlow Siedkow Belgard
Klemzow Klępczewo Wopersnow Wopersnow Wopersnow Schivelbein
Klützkow Kluczkowo Langenhaken, Wartenstein Langenhaken, Wartenstein Schivelbein Schivelbein
Klötzin Kłodzino Kreitzig Kreitzig Nelep Schivelbein
Kollatz Kolacz Kollatz Kollatz Groß Poplow Schivelbein
Kowalk Kowalki Schmenzin Schmenzin Naseband (Krs. Neustettin) Neustettin (Krs. Neustettin)
Kreitzig Krzecko Kreitzig Kreitzig Nelep Schivelbein
Kussenow Koszanowo Briesen Briesen Venzlaffshagen Schivelbein
Kösternitz Kosciernica Roggow Kösternitz Belgard Belgard
Langen Legi Alt Schlage Alt Schlage Arnhausen Schivelbein
Lankow Łąkówko Lankow Lankow Wopersnow Schivelbein
Lasbeck Losnica Wusterbarth Wusterbarth Wusterbarth Schivelbein
Latzig Laski Standemin Standemin Standemin Belgard
Leckow Lekowo Wopersnow Wopersnow Rützenhagen Schivelbein
Lenzen Leczno Lenzen Grüssow Lenzen Belgard
Liepz Lipce Lankow Lankow Wopersnow Schivelbein
Lutzig Stare Ludzicko Buslar Buslar Bad Polzin Schivelbein
Mandelatz Modrolas Buckow Burzlaff Groß Tychow Belgard
Meseritz Miedzyr-zecze Schlenzig Schlenzig Semerow Schivelbein
Muttrin Motarzyn Muttrin Zadtkow Muttrin Belgard
Naffin Nawino Lenzen Zarnefanz Lenzen Belgard
Natztow Nasutowo Rarfin|Standemin Kamissow Rarfin|Standemin Belgard
Nelep Nielep Nelep Nelep Nelep Schivelbein
Nemmin Niemierzyno Simmatzig Simmatzig Schivelbein Schivelbein
Neu Buckow Bukówko Buckow Neu Buckow Groß Tychow Pollnow (Krs. Schlawe)
Neu Lülfitz Lulewiczki Roggow Lülfitz Belgard Belgard
Neu Sanskow Zajączkówko Alt Sanskow Bramstädt Ziezeneff Schivelbein
Panzerin Pęczerzyno Schlönwitz Schlönwitz Schlönwitz Schivelbein
Podewils Podwilcze Rarfin Rarfin Rarfin|Podewils Belgard
Polchlep Półchleb Schlönwitz Schlönwitz Schlönwitz Schivelbein
Poplow Popielewo Groß Poplow Groß Poplow Groß Poplow Schivelbein
Pribslaff Stary Przybysław Wopersnow Wopersnow Grössin Schivelbein
Pumlow Pomianowo Pumlow Pumlow Siedkow Belgard
Pustchow Pustkowo Bulgrin Bulgrin Bulgrin Belgard
Quisbernow Biernów Wusterbarth Ballenberg Wusterbarth Schivelbein
Rarfin Rawino Rarfin Rarfin Rarfin Belgard
Redel Redło Alt Schlage Redel Ziezeneff Schivelbein
Redlin Redlino Roggow Lülfitz Körlin (an der Persante) Belgard
Reinfeld Bierzwnica Reinfeld Reinfeld Reinfeld Schivelbein
Repzin Rzepczyno Langenhaken, Wartenstein Langenhaken, Wartenstein Labenz (Krs. Dramburg) Schivelbein
Retzin Rzecino Arnhausen Arnhausen Arnhausen Schivelbein
Ristow Rzyszczewo Lenzen Zarnefanz Lenzen Belgard
Ritzig Nowe Resko Brunow Brunow Wusterwitz (Krs. Dramburg) Schivelbein
Roggow Rogowo Roggow Roggow Belgard Belgard
Rostin Rościno Roggow Lülfitz Belgard Belgard
Rützenhagen Rusinowo Lankow Lankow Rützenhagen Schivelbein
Röhlshof Role Arnhausen Arnhausen Arnhausen Schivelbein
Sager Zagórze Rarfin Kamissow Rarfin Belgard
Schinz Since Standemin Standemin Standemin Belgard
Schlennin Slonino Buckow Neu Buckow Groß Tychow Belgard
Schlenzig Slowiensko Schlenzig Schlenzig Petershagen (Krs. Kolberg-Körlin) Schivelbein
Schlönwitz Slonowice Schlönwitz Schlönwitz Schlönwitz Schivelbein
Schmenzin Smecino Schmenzin Schmenzin Schmenzin Belgard
Seeligsfelde Szeligowo Reinfeld Redel Ziezeneff Schivelbein
Semerow Zabrowo Schlenzig Schlenzig Semerow Schivelbein
Siedkow Zytelkow Siedkow Dubberow Siedkow Belgard
Silesen Zelezno Bulgrin Bulgrin Bulgrin Belgard
Simmatzig Smardzko Simmatzig Simmatzig Schivelbein Schivelbein
Standemin Stanomino Standemin Standemin Standemin Belgard
Technow Ciechnowo Kreitzig Kreitzig Grössin Schivelbein
Teschenbusch Cieszyno Wopersnow Wopersnow Rützenhagen Schivelbein
Tietzow Tyczewo Warnin Warnin Schwellin (Krs. Köslin) Belgard
Venzlaffshagen Więcław Briesen Briesen Venzlaffshagen Schivelbein
Vietzow Wicewo Wutzow Vietzow Woldisch Tychow Belgard
Vorbruch Rzęsna Alt Sanskow Bramstädt Ziezeneff Schivelbein
Vorwerk Białogard-Kisielice Roggow Roggow Belgard Belgard
Völzkow Wilczkowo Briesen Briesen Venzlaffshagen Schivelbein
Warnin Warnino Warnin Warnin Schwellin (Krs. Köslin) Belgard
Wartenstein Przyrzecze Langenhaken, Wartenstein Langenhaken, Wartenstein Schivelbein Schivelbein
Wopersnow Oparzno Wopersnow Wopersnow Wopersnow Schivelbein
Wussow Osowo Lankow Lankow Wopersnow Schivelbein
Wusterbarth Ostre Bardo Wusterbarth Wusterbarth Wusterbarth Schivelbein
Wutzow Osowko Wutzow Vietzow Woldisch Tychow Belgard
Zadtkow Sadkowo Muttrin Zadtkow Muttrin Belgard
Zarnefanz Czarno-węsy Lenzen Zarnefanz Lenzen Belgard
Zietlow Sidłowo Rarfin Rarfin Rarfin Belgard
Ziezeneff Ciesze-niewo Reinfeld Reinfeld Ziezeneff Schivelbein
Zuchen Sucha Reinfeld Redel Ziezeneff Schivelbein
Zwirnitz Świerznica Arnhausen Ballenberg Arnhausen Schivelbein

Smaller Communities Within Cities

Within many of the cities, there were smaller communities that were recognized in birth, marriage, and death entries. Navigate through the list below to find these smaller communities and discover which larger city they belonged to.

Civil Registry Districts

Each Standesamt was responsible for maintaining the records of the people in its districts. The color-coded map below details these districts in an easy-to-view format for researchers looking for nearby registry offices. A few notes must be made about special circumstances. Natztow officially belonged to the registry office of Rarfin; however, many of its citizens also registered births, marriages, and deaths in the nearby Standemin registry. Roggow’s Standesamt was also divided by the Kreis Stadt of Belgard (seen in red). Despite this lack of contiguity, the district served both the north and south halves of the registry office.

Belgard District Court Files

These are references to documents stored within the Koszalin archives.