Kreis Belgard, Pomerania

Heimat Websites

Please note that another Belgard can also be found in Lauenburg, closer to Danzig.

Cities and Villages

German Name Polish Name Civil Registry Office / Standesamt Administrative District / Amtsbezirke Evangelical Church Catholic Church

Smaller Communities Within Cities

Within many of the cities, there were smaller communities that were recognized in birth, marriage, and death entries. Navigate through the list below to find these smaller communities and discover which larger city they belonged to.

Civil Registry Districts

Each Standesamt was responsible for maintaining the records of the people in its districts. The color-coded map below details these districts in an easy-to-view format for researchers looking for nearby registry offices. A few notes must be made about special circumstances. Natztow officially belonged to the registry office of Rarfin; however, many of its citizens also registered births, marriages, and deaths in the nearby Standemin registry. Roggow’s Standesamt was also divided by the Kreis Stadt of Belgard (seen in red). Despite this lack of contiguity, the district served both the north and south halves of the registry office.

Belgard District Court Files

These are references to documents stored within the Koszalin archives.