Local Heritage Books

Ortsfamilienbücher are an important resource for those researching their families in Pommern. The information in these online versions have been sourced from surviving church and civil registry documents in addition to other sources. These can list several generations of a family, professions, and other information that might give clues to next steps for research.

Ortsfamilienbücher Kreis Link
Pommersches Infanterie-Regiment Nr.49
2. Pommersches Ulanen Regiment Nr. 9
Alt Lobitz Deutsch Krone
Altenwalde Neustettin
Arnshagen Stolp
Bärwalde Neustettin
Brüsewitz Saatzig
Rural Community North of Bütow Bütow
Cammin with Jassow and Dargsow (Old Lutheran) Cammin
Kreis Cammin Cammin
Stadt Cammin Cammin
Dobberphul Cammin
Flacksee Neustettin
Frauendorf Stettin
Fritzow Cammin
Fürstenflagge Naugard
Glewitz Naugard
Goldbeck Saatzig
Groß Justin Cammin
Groß Raddow Regenwalde
Hackenwalde Naugard
Hagenow Greifenberg
Hoff Greifenberg
Jassow Cammin
Klein Raddow Regenwalde
Köselitz Cammin
Lubow Neustettin
Neblin Neustettin
Nemitz Schlawe
Pielburg Neustettin
Priemhausen Naugard
Pustamin Schlawe
Rackow Neustettin
Rottnow Greifenberg
Saatzig-Stargard Saatzig
Scharpenort Neustettin
Belgard-Schivelbein Belgard
Tonnin Usedom-Wollin
Tribsow Cammin
Vogelsang Regenwalde
Wildenbruch Greifenhagen
Zarben Greifenberg
Zachow Regenwalde
Zicker Neustettin
Sarnow, Alt Cammin
Sarnow, Neu Cammin
Flacke Cammin
Hermannsthal Cammin
Königsmühl with Benz Cammin
Hitzdorf Arnswalde
Ortsfamilienbücher Kreis Link