This database is currently under development, but is still available for searching. During this beta test, please report any errors to [email protected]. We are working the kinks out so this database can be fully searchable and intuitive.

Pommern Database

Welcome to the Pommern Database! To search for a person, use the form above and enter in information you know. Click the search button to begin your search. To narrow results, you may use the global search box at the top of the table.

The search fields allow for the use of wildcards to better aid in finding names that may have multiple spellings by using the % sign or _ symbol. For example, the name search for “LEM%KE” will yield results for “Lemke,” “Lembke,” and “Lemcke.” The underscore is used to denote a single letter in the middle of a word or name. Wildcards can only be used in the above fields but not in the global search.

For searching people with multiple given names: Each field is useful for finding one name only. If you were to search for “Ferdinand Wilhelm Heinrich” in the “Name” search, results will only be shown for that exact combination. In this case, “Wilhelm Ferdinand Heinrich” would not appear in the results. If you are searching for multiple given names, please enter the most likely given name in the “Name” field and then use the global search to filter results further.