Neugersdorf from then until today… (Heimat group)

Martin Bonneß, 1958

Interesting things from and about Neugersdorf, Sachsen. Pictures of then and today and their stories are welcome here. Political and religious as well as personal discussions do not belong here and are deleted. We are a home group and are always nice to each other…

Excerpt from my life story

The flight and expulsion from Pommern to Neugersdorf in Sachsen pertaining to my childhood and youth from 1941 to 1956.

Against forgetting…

To commemorate the generations of our parents and grandparents but also to our children and grandchildren.

I refer to your request in the above-mentioned Heimat group to share pictures and their stories.

In the hope that one or more are interested in my life story, I would like to share some facts here.

After 1945, there were many displaced families who, like my family, had lost their old home. They fled or were expelled.

There were treks from Silesia, Pomerania, East and West Prussia, as well as from
the Sudetenland to Neugersdorf, and they had to be integrated here in Neugersdorf. They found a new home.

As a contemporary witness, the following are some excerpts from my contemporary life memories to publish in your successful and interesting Heimat group.

Thank you.

For the original text in German, please refer to Martin’s prepared PDF cover page.

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