This book from Belgard lists tailors (Schneider) in Bad Polzin from 1817 to 1899. Upon a quick glance, some of the surnames which appear in the master’s book are: Beer, Berndt, Born, Butzke, Doebert, Eggert, Fick, Fritz, Gentsch, Giese, Grodtmann, Gutz, Isberner, Jahn, Janne, Kirstein, König, Krause, Krüger, Kunde, Maaß, Müller, Priebe, Ponath, Radel, Reuscher, Rojahn, Salzhuder, Schauer Schröder, Schwanke, Völz, Völzke, Witte, and Ziemer. This book is one of only two I could find that have survived to tell the history of the guilds in Bad Polzin. Both of the surviving books chronicle the Schneider Zünfte.

Although this book begins in 1817, it in fact lists masters of the guild to 1787. Later entries identify where people in the guild resided. While approximately half belonged to the city of Bad Polzin itself, others lived in Quisbernow, Retzin, Kollatz, Buslar, and other areas typically close in proximity to the larger city.


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