While the first two volumes of the Grundbücher for Boissin are missing in the archives, these two volumes cover similar information for the occupation and inheritance of both farmers’ and cottagers’ property. These land records for Boissin are essential sources for those looking for information about the village in the early 1800s.

These volumes reference dates for Boissin back to 1804. Inheritance taxes are mentioned in addition to the residents of the village. Numerous notes are written in the margins and are sure to provide a great deal of information on the people who lived there, how they were granted inheritable rights (or through whom in their family), occasional notes about marriages, and inheritable contracts to the land (Erbpacht) for the tenants.

Some of the first pages of the book index the Wirthe and other qualities about them. The Schulz was Hans Manke. Others listed as Bauern belonged to the following families: Bunde, Geske, Knop, Kaath, Piper, Häger, Gutzke, Manke, Kaske, Behling, Buske, and Mielke. Cottagers were Döhring, Pagel, Geske, and Jescke.


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