This series of books contains an interesting history of land ownership in the 1700s, pre-dating most surviving church books. While there is little to be observed for the common people at the time, these pages reveal more about the noble families who owned the land and their children who inherited it.

To give an idea of how thick these books are, here is a picture of the three land books on the same cart as a Grundbuch. The size is noticeably larger and it covers the regions of what would later become the Kreise Kolberg-Körlin, Köslin, and Büblitz. For more information on this earlier Kreis, read our page about Kreis Fürstenthum Cammin, which was also known more generally as Kreis Fürstenthum.

The pages herein detail both titles of possession and payments.


This collection has not been transcribed yet.

Help us make these records more accessible for researchers worldwide. If you can read old script, we would love your help to make the entries in these books searchable. Please consider donating your time, even if it's just for a few pages. (We also use Google Sheets so you can see where the last person left off and where the work needs to be continued!)

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