There are two volumes of Grundbücher for Ganzkow in Kreis Kolberg-Körlin that can be found within the archives in Koszalin. It is important to note that this book does not pertain to the Ganzkow in Kreis Belgard.

These books are important secondary sources because the Standesamt and church records for this village perished in the aftermath of the war. From the pages, it seems that each of these entries were entered into various Erbhof files, though it is difficult to determine if any of those have survived for Ganzkow. These two books fit into the same timeframe as the civil registry that would have existed and help to fill in the gaps.

Each entry is divided into first, second, and third divisions of land. It does not appear that the original mortgages were written into these books. A separate book for mortgages exists where it appears they were kept separate from the Grundbücher.


This collection has not been transcribed yet.

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