The Graf side of my family that ended up in Mayville, Wisconsin came from Kreis Cammin. Groß Stepenitz is a village on the western coast of the county, separating Cammin from Ueckermünde, Anklam, Stettin, and the island of Wollin by a channel. Groß Stepenitz is nearly impossible to miss since a large sign with a flower garden welcomes visitors to what is now present-day Stepnica.

The old church with a wooden steeple is a historic feature in the town. When we were there, my wife and I watched part of the church service from outside. We were hoping to take a look around shortly after, but the door was locked following the service. One can wander around the side streets and look at the old houses built in the German architectural style.

If visiting Groß Stepenitz, I highly recommend eating at Tawerna Panorama near the docks. The food was traditional Polish with a number of seafood dishes. As with a number of restaurants in Poland, one places an order at the counter rather than waiting for a server. The food and drinks were amazing, and I would definitely eat there again if I were to return.

Following the water’s edge, boats and yachts are visible. Sailors from all over come to port in Groß Stepenitz. It seems to be a popular destination for Germans as well. While visiting, my wife and I were able to converse in German without a problem, and menus are bilingual. A small park sits between Tawerna Panorama and the docks with campfires lit in the evening.

Driving a little further back, the port for larger ships can be found.

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