The Standesamt for Hebron-Damnitz in Stolp served the communities of Benzin, Deutsch Karstnitz, Hebron-Damnitz, and later Schwetzkow. It was situated between the civil registry offices for Dammen and Mahnwitz in the middle of the Kreis.

Currently, we have these documents available for viewing through our online portal (click on Stolp>>Hebron-Damnitz):

  • Births: 1893-1899
  • Marriages: 1900-1920, 1922-1933
  • Deaths: 1875-1880, 1900-1916

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Some names commonly found in this set of records are:

Barnett, Birr, Bock, Bohm, Bonnke, Braunschweg, Bruhnke, Därgusch, Daske, Eggert, Freitag, Fromm,Gabbeg, Geers, Gillen, Greunz, Gurgel, Hahnke, Holtz Manau, Holtz, Hoppe, Höppner, Jasper, Kalfass, Katschke, Klatt, Klix, Kossbab, Kramp, Lietzke, Milatz, Müller, Noss, Perlick, Plath, Poch, Radtke, Roske/Roeske, Schmidtke, Schmoekel, Schoenborner, Schroder, Schwichtenberg, Srok, Stark, Stritzel, Sylvester, Technow, Tosch, Ulrich, Voll/Woll, Vorbau, Voss, Wegner, Wenzlaff, Widenhaupt, and Wittenburg,


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