This book contains apprenticeship letters and contracts from the clothmaker guild in Kallies (earlier, “Callies”) in Kreis Dramburg. While containing a smaller number of people, it details more information (and exceptionally legibly at that) than a typical entry in a guild register. The guild book is rather small–less than 40 pages–but it contains valuable information about the members of the guild spanning nearly a hundred years.

In this book, one can expect to find the name of the apprentice, his birth date, his place of birth, and under which master the person was apprenticed underneath.

As far as can be observed, it seems that the Tuchmacher guild varied from the Schneider guild. A Tuchmacher would make the fabric that would be used by the Schneider guild to make clothing. This profession seemed to be aligned a little more closely to weavers.


This collection has not been transcribed yet.

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