The small village of Klein Stepenitz is just north of Groß Stepenitz along the same road as the church. Today, it is known as Stepniczka. In recent years, several buildings have been repainted, yet quite a few appear to still have their original doors.

The road forks from the street named Władysław Sikorskiego to Barnima II on the left and Wolińska on the right, headed towards Żarnowo, which used to be Alt Sarnow. The images in the gallery of the fields are along the latter of the two routes, out in the country. It was a quiet drive to get there.

It is interesting to note that Klein Stepenitz was originally a Wendisch settlement belonging to Wollin, while Groß Stepenitz fell to Stettin’s jurisdiction. it wasn’t until 1686 that the Amt Stepenitz was created.

The photo gallery below shows a few of the more prominent buildings along the stretch of road.

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