In the absence of surviving church books, a joint effort was undertaken thanks to the sponsorship of one of our readers who helped fund the process of digitizing this collection. This important venture helps create a fuller picture of the families who once resided in Körlin. I’d like to take a minute to thank Michael Grudzielanek for sponsoring the digitization of this collection.

The books listed below are only a small segment of the numerous archival stocks that exist for property records and were primarily selected based on their dates prior to the institution of the Standesamt in October of 1874.

Although these documents do not list every resident, full families can be traced, as children are often listed as inheritors. Specifically, this helps overcome several barriers with working backwards from death certificates that may not list parents or for those who moved to nearby villages where civil records did not survive.

One will notice that those who owned land are mentioned throughout several of the books and for several parcels. Also of note is that some owners were from surrounding villages. Additionally, outside of the scope of ownership, those who were owed debts by the owners are mentioned along with important information about them. While this does not solve the greater problem of piecing back the history of Körlin, it is a solid step in the right direction to rectifying the loss of the church book. It should also be noted that combining the use of the surviving church books for the military community with the documents below are likely to lead to more connections and greater understanding of Körlin as a whole.

More books will be added as they are digitized. The effort is still underway. If this is a project that is valuable to you, I would encourage you to donate through the link in the sidebar to help make more of these archival collections available to the public.

Körlin Häuser

Körlin Landungen

Körlin Gärten

Körlin Amt

Körlin Wiesen und Würdelander

Körlin Scheune


This collection has not been transcribed yet.

Help us make these records more accessible for researchers worldwide. If you can read old script, we would love your help to make the entries in these books searchable. Please consider donating your time, even if it's just for a few pages. (We also use Google Sheets so you can see where the last person left off and where the work needs to be continued!)

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