With the Köslin (Koszalin) Archives, the Family History Center, and other sites putting Pomeranian church books online, I have created a table to house all the data of where the churches were, what Kreis (best translation would be “Circle,” however, the American understanding of county might fit better), religion, and years of availability. Paramount to this effort is also noting what church books have been lost. For the time being, please view this list as incomplete unless specific details have been noted about the sought after church book, listing it as lost. Upon completion of this list, the intention is to have a master list of all church books and their years, denoting which books are archived today, which were lost, and what the contents of each book were.

Please bear with me as the effort will take some time. I am compiling the list from sources from all over the internet. The only exception is military church books, which have not yet been digitized. The plan for these Militärgemeinde and Garnison Kirchenbücher is to list them on a separate page, as troop units often moved from place to place.

More to come. Stay tuned. To view the list of church books, please see Pomeranian Church Books (Kirchenbücher).

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