There exist a number of Dawurske connections which have yet to be placed on the tree. Some of these are a result of numerous people with the same name. Others are the product of missing links due to record loss. A few are Taufpate without further information. Some of these entries may be challenging because of a pastor’s mistake when duplicating the original books. In whatever case, these are people who have been difficult to place.

A number of these have already been indexed by the Stolper Heimatkreis e.V., but it is important to indicate their Globalindex does not contain all of these entries nor does it account for quite a few of the entries that were apparently skipped over. While their work for this was a good starting point, I have taken it upon myself to go one step further and list all possible clues and theories so this might benefit someone from that family line.

Johann George Dwurske was illegitimately born on June 2, 1794 in Rambow to house #7 and was baptized on the June 9 in Lupow. His father was the Hofmeister Johann George Dwurske, and his mother was the Magd, or maiden, Christlieb Dwursken. His godparents were Michael Bruncke, Michael Derseick, and Catharina Derseick. He died on February 12, 1796 in Wendisch Karstnitz at the age of 1 year, 8 months, and 9 days old. His death indicated that the father was Johann George Dwurske. It is unknown whether this was the same Johann Georg who was married to Catharina Farsbutter or if it was a completely different, unrecorded person.

Anna Sophia Dwursken has a few records, but no parent can be connected. The above entry shows that the Junggesellen Gregor Kuhr married the Jungfrau Anna Sophia Dwursken from Wendisch Karstnitz in November 1796. Based on the birth of her son in house #2, it is possible that Anna Sophia was related to the Johann Georg who married Catharina Farsbutter.

The above entry shows that Johann Fridrich was born on July 6, 1797 in Wendisch Karstnitz in house #2 and was baptized on July 9 in Lupow. The father’s name here appears as Horn rather than Kuhr, the name that was stated in the marriage entry. His mother was Anna Sophia Dwursken. Godparents were listed as Jacob Fridrich Muratz, Herr Hauptmann Frantz v. Kleist, and Catharina Fassbuttern.

The next child would instead be born in Rambow. Anna Louisa Kuhr was born on March 18, 1800 and was baptized March 23 in Lupow. The father’s name once again shows Gregor Kuhr, this time as a Hofmeister, and Anna Sophia Dwursken. Taufpate were: Martin Schwartz, Anna Louisa Fintzken, and Anna Louisa Schoenegger.

Charlotta Fridrica Dwurske was born on October 20, 1797 in Rambow (note that “Darsin” was crossed out on the birth entry) and was baptized on October 22 in Lupow. Her father was Fridrich Dwurske, though which one is unknown. It is assumed that he was Gergen Dworsky and Sophia Heÿsen’s son. The wife, however, remains something of a problem, as the records tend to favor that the only remaining Catharina Dwursken was Catharina Maria Dworsken, also the daughter of Gergen Dworsky. Here, Fridrich is said to be a “Cossaete,” a cottager. Further evidence of their lives appears to be unknown, as no further children could be found in the Lupow church book. Godparents were given as Catharina Czechen, Catharina Dwursken, and George Dwurske. It is possible that the entry states the wrong name for one of the pair.

Johann Heinrich Dwurske was illegitimately born on January 11, 1802 in Wendisch Karstnitz in house #1 and was baptized on January 15 in Lupow. His parents were George Dwurske and Anna Czechen. It is unclear which Georg was the father. Taufpate were: Martin Dwurske, Johan Potratz, and Anna Muschen. He died on January 20, 1802 with the church book listing him as being only 14 days old. It was written that he died from epilepsy, a common way of attributing a young child’s death to things like tooth pains, cramps, or spasms. As this roughly translates to convulsions at death, more than likely the child had a fatal gas buildup or colic.

Maria Dwursken died on September 26, 1807 in Wendisch Karstnitz from dysentery (Ruhr) at the age of 67 years old. She should have been born around 1740.

Fridrica Charlotta Ribe was born on January 30, 1811 in Rambow and was baptized on February 3. She was the daughter of Martin Ribe and Catharina Dwursken. Her godparents were Charlotta Dwursken, Charlotta Pelen, and Christian Derseck. It is not known which Catharina was the mother.

Hanna Henriette Dawurske was born on July 25, 1839 in Paulshof to the Einwohner Johann Dawurske and his wife Charlotte Sellonke. She was baptized on August 18 in Lupow. His godparents were: Wilhelmine Sellonke in Warbelow, the widow Catharina Birr geb. Peth in Daber, and Heinrich Schmöckel who was a Knecht in Daber.

The family had to have moved to Stolp Stadt before 1876, as a Selonke who was widowed Dewoske was listed in the Stolp address book in 1876. More information about this branch of the family is unknown.

These members of the Dawurske family were mentioned as Taufpate in the mid-1800s. They are likely connected in some way to Jacob Dawurske and his wives from the Krampe family.

  • Auguste Dewuske, Labehn, Taufpate in 1847; Stojentin, Taufpate in 1852
  • Wilhelmine Dewuske, Rexin, Taufpate in 1848 and 1851

Between the later 1800s and the first half of the 1900s, these people can be found:

  • Max Franz Richard Dawurske (Militärpflichtiger in Deutsch Plassow, 1902)
  • Marie Luise Mathilde Dawurske and Hermann Wilhelm Jachtmann had a child in 1915. Siegfried Dawurske was a Taufpate in Neu Damerow according to the Evangelische Schloßkirche Stolp Taufen, 1915, entry #12.
  • Emil Dawurske (Einwohner in Stolp, Adreßbuch Stolp, 1915)
  • Georg Max Emil Dawurske (also listed as “Georg Dawursky,” an Einwohner in Stolp Stadt in 1915) and Johanna Franziska Luise Schmidt had a child in 1915 (Evangelische Schloßkirche Stolp Taufen, 1915, entry #48). The information was not indexed by, likely due to privacy laws.  Karl Dawurske was listed as a Taufpate. Another child was listed in 1925 in entry #35. A third entry can be found in 1934 in entry #29.
  • Ofensetzer Hermann Pollex and Olga Dawurske were married on August 5, 1933 in St. Marien’s in Stolp.
  • Harry Dawurske was baptized on June 10, 1934 in St. Johann’s in Stolp.
  • Erich Max Georg Dawurske was married in 1935 according to the Stolp Standesamt (document #135). Schlossergeselle Erich Dawurske und Hanna Manzke were married in St. Marien’s Kirche in Stolp on November 30, 1935. Erich had a brother named Max.
  • Hausgehilfin Maria Dawuske died on September 16, 1935 in Stolp (registered to St. Marien’s).
  • Wirtschafterin Gertrud Dawurske died on July 12, 1936 in Stolp. This was registered in St. Marien’s.
  • Anleger Heinz Dawurske and Lotte Rahn were married in St. Marien’s on May 8, 1937.
  • Hausangestellte Else Dawurske died on June 16, 1937 in Stolp.  Else Dawurske died in 1937 in Stolp, from the St. Marien church book entry #135.
  • Rita Dawurske was baptized on October 3, 1937 in St. Marien’s.
  • The child (Kind) Ingrid Dawurske died on January 28, 1939 in Stolp. Ingrid Dawurske died in 1939 in Stolp, from the St. Marien church book entry #518.
  • Brigitte Dawurske was baptized on Christmas Day in 1940 in St. Marien’s.

These people were listed in documents pertaining to the Flight and Expulsion:

  • Minna Dawurski, born abt. 1883, Transportliste/Stolp-Teuplitz 03.10.1947
  • Lotte Dawurske was mentioned in the transport lists for 1947, being 24 years old at the time. (Transportliste/Stolp-Teuplitz 23.09.1947). Both her and her mother’s last names were spelled “Dawanske.” She was born in 1923.
  • Margarette Dawurske is assumed to be Lotte’s mother. She was born in 1896, making her 51 at the time.
  • Quite a few people were listed under “Drewski.” However, it is unknown if these are related.

This is one chapter in a ten-part series.

To read more about this surname study, please see the index to the entire series, "Dworsky and Dawurske Family Tree and Surname Series."

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