These two volumes of Grundbücher contain listings of property owners for the village of Moitzelfitz in Kreis Kolberg-Körlin. Some of the earliest entries date back to about 1820 with some referencing regulations from 1811.

While upon first glance it might appear that some entries for Moitzelfitz are missing, the covers of the books have been appended to show that the first volume only goes through entry 13 instead of 18 and the second volume only goes through 44 instead of 49.

These books also contain pages for mortgages as well as the entries into the property records. There are descriptions of parcels of land and partitions for divisions of land.

Surnames that show up in Moitzelfitz on the title pages of each entry are as follows but are not limited to: Naatz, Krüger, Boeder, Behling, Kroening, Barz, Scheel, Schrubbe, Treptow, Knaack, Bugs, Block, Becker, Kieckhoefer, Saedler, Gaulke, Knuth, Baartz, and Raddatz.


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