This record opens up to the property’s ownership by Kurt von Kleist of Kamissow and Friedrich von Braunschweig of Standemin, both claiming the title of nobility as “Rittergutsbesitzer.” An old map of the property can be found in the beginning pages of the bound document.

Within this document, one can ascertain a fuller understanding of the property in Natztow and its ownership.

Lord Friedrich von Braunschweig named these children:

  1. Fräulein Lonny von Braunschweig, born December 14, 1890
  2. Vollrath von Braunschweig, born September 24, 1895
  3. Eberhard von Braunschweig, born September 24, 1895

It seems that the Braunschweig family was related to the von Kleist family, as it indicates conditions about the land in relationship to male heirs within the third degree through marriage.

Lord Kurt von Kleist named these children:

  1. Sonnja von Kleist, born April 14, 1906
  2. Karl Georg von Kleist, born June 18, 1909

This collection has been transcribed and is fully searchable through the Pommern Database.

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