The Grundbuch for Natztow is one of the only surviving records detailing the history of the village prior to the implementation of the Standesamt in October of 1874. These land records cover the early 1800s and have entries branching into the 1900s.

One interesting fact to note is that the Koszalin Archives indexed this book as volume Ic, which would typically indicate that there were other books in the series. However, none of them could be found when exploring the archive’s holdings nor is there any indication from the book itself that it was a third part of the first volume. The binding denotes that it is singularly volume I. Further references in other records appear to only reference this single volume as well. Another fact to note is that the book was cataloged as belonging to “Natzow.”

Some of the earliest surnames that can be found at a quick glance are: Daus, Daugs, Hardt, Ott, von Kleist, Dummer, Harmel, Krüger, Pagel, Lemke, Molzahn, Dorn, Wickboldt, Flesch, Hendess, Müller, Strenske, Barz, Voigt, Maaß, Baller, Boldt, Utech, Vahl, Strehlow, Reiche, Brasch, Bustenhoff, Haeger, von Braunschweig, Schmeling, and Zubke. Further inspection of this book is required for a detailed listing of residents.

Editor’s note: my personal interest in Natztow is the family of Carl Wilhelm Neitzel (1814-1886) who married Anne Christine Henriette Dewuske (Trevorski, Drewuske, Dreworske, and Dewosski) (1812-1880) who originally began their family in the area of Lülfitz, later moving an becoming a Tagelöhner in Natztow potentially between 1846 and 1853.


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