These books cover the Altelutheranische (Old Lutheran) emigration from Pommern to North America and Australia. These records greatly complement the work of Wilhelm Iwan’s Die Altlutherische Auswanderung um die Mitte des 19. Jahrhunderts: Eine Episode deutscher Auswanderung: Band II, which can also be searched in full-text at Archivaria. These Old Lutherans dissented to Friedrich Wilhelm III’s forced compliance with the Prussian Union of Churches, leaving Pomerania for religious freedom.

It is important to note that not all of the emigrants are listed in the books corresponding to their Kreis. For example, some living in Naugard might have been listed in Cammin. Those residing in Regenwalde could be found in the book for Greifenberg. It is also of importance that some pages are outside of the date range specified by the archives (for example, one page is dated 1846). The pastors who led these migrations in opposition to the Prussian Union of Churches (called the “Evangelical Church in the Royal Prussian Lands” during this period of emigration) are documented in these books.

For more information about what types of information might be found in these books, please refer to the article on Kolberg’s emigration books. The books that are online are linked and bolded in the list below.

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