One of our readers wrote in with a few rare images of the German Army shortly after World War I.

2nd Pioniere Kompanie, Reichswehr, Stettin, February and June 1920, Pommerensdorf School

Here are some photos that I mentioned in a previous email a couple months ago. I imagine the Reichswehr images are pretty rare as so much was destroyed in the war. The school photo is only half, unfortunately.
  • 2nd Pionier Kompanie , Reichswehr, 2nd Pionier Batt. Stettin, February 1920       (formal photo entire Kompanie)
  • 3rd  Pionier Kompanie, , 2nd Pionier Batt.  Altdamm,   June 1920                                (formal photo entire Kompanie)
I have a few more of what I assume are groups of men of this Kompanie in 1920, but these are unidentified as to exact date and place.
  • 2/3 of a formal class photograph of a class in the elementary school in Pommerensdorf, ca. 1907-9.

Emil Becker, in Reichswehr, Pioneer Batt 2, Feb 1920, EB 5th row, left end

Emil Becker, in Reichswehr, Pioneer Batt 2, June 1920, EB 4th row, behind left of officer

Emil Becker’s class at school, Pommerensdorf, ca 1908

“My grandfather’s (Emil F. Becker 1900-1971) family came from, Stettin, Pommerensdorf, Ladenthin k/Randow, Gollnow, Ueckermünde and Usedom island. ”

“I know something about some of the family through records and family stories. My great-grandfather Friedrich Becker (1874-1935) was a manager of the Pommerensdorf Chemisch Fabrik, his grandfather was a servant to a Major von Berge in Stettin, 1843, and then a valet for someone in Schonwerder K/Pyritz.   My g-g grandmother Emilie A. O. Villwock geb. Sonnenburg, (ca. 1848-1933) was from Usedom island.”

Names: Becker, Villwock, Sonnenburg, Kohnke, Dittmer, Wolf, Schultz


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