Kirchenschoß für die abgebrannten Pfarrzimmer; Patrone und Pastor gegen Anselm v. Podewils wegen des Pfarrzaunes; Pastor Joachim Friedrich Gley gegen Schneider Gottfried Schultze

Please note that the following is based on my best understanding from what I could read of the old script. A further examination for accuracy would be appreciated.

This document appears to be a church register of some sort. The first pages mention the honorable Joachim Fridrich Gley, pastor for both Rarfin and Podewils, and the doctor Barfknecht. Pastor Franciscus Wokenius (Wokenÿ) in Rarfin appears in Rarfin in 1706, having something to do with the Küster-hause.

Naturally, the von Podewils family is listed in this document as well.

Gottfried Schultze appears as both a Schneider and a Schulmeister. It appears that there was a questioning of whether or not somebody had seen his mother and father beaten. Further, it seems to be a questioning of whether he had hit his mother over the head. Here, Christian Gutknecht is mentioned as a Dienstknecht by the widowed wife, in his 30s. Also mentioned were Mariae Chs. Berndt, Christian Stoßenhagen, Hanß Friderich Berndt, the Fraülein von Vogten.

Whether or not anyone had heard that Gottfried Schultze had hit his parents, Johann Francke, an Einwohner and soldier in Podewils, testified. There was talking about bread and the Stübe, also denoting that Lorentz Berndt was the father of Hanß Friderich Berndt. Others listed were: Michael Ratke, Lemken Ehefrau, Ladewig, and Christian Flesche.

The next point asked whether he had beaten the widowed Frau von Podewils.

Others listed then were Sabina von Vogten, the maid Dorothea Ladewigs, and Barbara Ratekens.

The pages following that detailed more from Joachim Friedrich Gley, mentioning Matthias Friderich.

After that, Ewald von Podewils is named as being in Battin in a section talking about the tower and the clock. Someone with the surname Müller can also be found in this section.

The document ends with the Matrikel-Tabelle from 1738.

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