One of our readers reached out in the hopes that someone else might have more information on her family. She writes:

I am looking for relatives in the former West Prussian area of a suburb of Danzig named Ohra (Orunea now I believe) with the following names and relationships to me through my mother, the late F. Irene Gaffke.

While I do not have the exact place of birth, presumably all of the following were born in and around Danzig (Ohra) (Gedansk). My great-grandfather, John Adam Gaffke (1859-1932) m. Emma von Burkhardt (Buczynska) 1858-1921.

My 2nd great-grandfather Michael J. Gaffke (1828-1906) m. Josephine Wiliva or Wawra (1825-1903). Second great-grandparents were Johann Buczynski and Henriette Borchart.

Third great-grandparents were Johann Brzezinski m. Marianna (Brzezinski.) (Don’t know what happened to the 4th.)
Fifth great-grandparents were Joseph Brzezinski m. Anna Bartoszewski; and Joannes Ossowski m. Victoria Niesidowski.

If anyone has information on any of these names which might be pertinent to my research please contact me at [email protected] I live in the Buffalo, NY area and know that William J. Gaffke, my grandfather, b. 1889, emigrated to New York State, settled in Syracuse or Oneonta, and then moved to Buffalo.

If you have any information, I would encourage you to contact Sue.

If you would like to post a public inquiry for your own family, please email [email protected]. Please make your request as detailed as possible.

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