The Family of Gustav Sturm

Research on my surname has been marred by devastating record loss. Those that survived leave few clues as to where my surname came from before Belgard. There exists one curious link to my family which has yet to be concretely proven: Johanne Dewuske who married Gustav Sturm. Her name also seemed to be subject to revision based upon the registering authority: Dewoske, Dewusky, Dewursky, Duweske, Dewusk, etc. This is a chronicling of my research on the Sturm family and their possible connection, starting with Johanne and expanding to the entire family lineage from the area.

Unlike the Dewoske family whose presence in Pumlow, Belgard is a mere passing through from Stolp (correctly spelled Dawurske), Johanne Dewuske seems to have been born to Klaptow, Kolberg-Körlin sometime around October 1828, though this date was calculated from her death certificate. It should also be noted that during this time, Klaptow (formerly spelled “Claptow”) was under the jurisdiction of Kreis Fürstenthum in Pommern (also known as Kreis Fürstenthum Cammin).

The earliest mentioned occurrence of Johanne Dewuske was in July of 1847 in Körlin. She was listed as the Taufpate (godparent) of Laura (Laure) Albertine Johanne Blank, the daughter of the Kanonier Carl Ludwig Blank and his wife Wilhelmine Christine Mendel, born on July 10, 1847, and baptized the same day. She would die the following day on July 11th of Krämpfe and was buried July 14th. Her godparents were:

  1. Albertine Katschirius (Kathschirius, according to the Stettin military church book–some other sources incorrectly list as “Kalschirius”)
  2. Johanne Dewuske
  3. Uhrmacher Herr Julius Ziebell

From the Pasewalk Stettin military church book (Taufen, Heiraten und Tote 1820-1866, Evangelische Kirche. Garnisongemeinde Stettin; Preußen. Armee. Artillerie Brigade 02 (Pommersche); Preußen. Armee. Dragoner Regiment 03 (Neumärkisches); Preußen. Armee. Dragoner Regiment 05; Preußen.), it would seem that the first godparent was born Albertine Friederike Charlotte Kathscherius on April 15, 1826 and baptized May 1 of the same year to the trumpeter Friedrich Kathschirius (Katschirius) and Friederike Malzahn on July 2, 1826 and baptized July 7 of the same year [updated based on further evidence]. She would later be married to Gustav Ferdinand Wilhelm Barkow, a trumpeter, age 30, in Körlin by the superintendent Herr Kieper on March 3, 1848.

Importantly, a Blank is mentioned in the Körlin Haus Nr. 200 document in the section determining the inheritance for Wilhelmine Knop’s death.

Several years would pass before Johanne Dewuske’s name would be mentioned again. The next time, it would be for the birth of her son, Ernst Carl Johann Friedrich Sturm on February 5, 1853 in Belgard. She and her husband, Gustav Carl Friedrich Sturm, would be known through church records from 1853 through 1858. Sometime between June of 1858 and May of 1859, the family would move to Gramenz. Due to a gap in the records, not much can be gleaned from their time there. Gustav would be named as a Kaufmann instead of a Seiler–his family’s ropemaking profession–for the birth of his daughter in 1859. It highly probable that more children were born to this union between the years of 1860-1865. They would move back to Belgard before August of 1866, and it would be there that they would stay for the remainder of their lives.

Gustav would precede his wife in death on November 15, 1874 in Belgard. Johanne would pass away on December 16, 1890 in Belgard at Friedrichstraße 65.

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Gustav Carl Friedrich Sturm
Birth: abt. 1826 in Körlin, a son of the Seilermeister Sturm who died in Körlin
Death: 15 Nov 1874 in Belgard (48 years old)

Johanne Dewuske
Birth: abt. October 1828 in Klaptow, Kolberg-Körlin, daughter of the Wirtschafts-Inspektor Sturm
Death: 16 Dec 1890 in Belgard, Friedrichstraße 65

They married before 1853, most likely in Körlin. Of this union, the following children can be found through records:

  1. Ernst Carl Johann Friedrich Sturm born 05 Feb 1853 in Belgard.
    oo Anna Emaline Ferdinande Adametz on 08 Aug 1879 in Kolberg (Anna was born 27 Jul 1856 in Schosnitz, Silesia; died abt. 1927 in Brieg, Silesia. Her parents were the Gutspächter Carl Adametz who died in Roman before 1879 and Richardina Necker who remarried the Restaurantier Bartz in Kolberg.) At the time, Ernst was living in Königsberg in East Prussia, a Königliche Zeugfeldwebel and later Proviantamtsdirektor. There exists a possibility that he remarried in 1937 based upon marginal notes by the Standesamt. Of this union, only one child has been identified:

    1. Ernst Adolf Albert Sturm born 10 Oct 1886 in Königsberg, Ostpreußen; died 10 Oct 1953 in Herzhorn, Steinburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany (Engelbrechtsche Wildnis, Krankenhaus from Apoplexie, Lungenentzündung). He was a Kapitän, later founding his own ferrying business on the Elbe in 1919. According to Standesamt 20 at the time of his marriage: “Wohnhaft an Bord ein hamburger Schiffes.”
      oo Elly Hermine Marie Schmalz on 18 Jun 1918 in Hamburg, Germany. (Born 28 Jan 1892 in Hamburg to Heinrich Phillip August Albert Schmalz, a Prokuristen; and his wife, Friederike Sarah Susanne Jürgens. Elly died 29 Jan 1965 in Glückstadt, Steinburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.) Ernst founded the extreme-right group Stahlhelm – Bund der Frontsoldaten on December 27, 1923. He was an opponent of the Weimar Republic, later becoming the leader of the Glückstadt-Kollmar “Stahlhelms Westküste” from 1924-1928. In 1928, he founded another ferry line, leading to legal disputes and ultimately bankruptcy. He would be elected the chairman of the Marine Club “Admiral von Holtzendorff” in 1932. He was a supporter of the local Hiter Youth organization. From 1938, Ernst was the Marine-SA-Ober-Truppführer and a speaker for the HJ-Nachwuchses on the leadership staff of the Marine-SA-Standarte 55. From 1937, he would put several more ferries into service, then taking into naval service with the beginning of the war and purposing his ferries to help with the war. His business was revived in 1946 with the help of British permission to operate. A ferry was named in his honor in 1954, a year after his death from apoplexy pneumonia. His family was ultimately well connected with the mariner family, Both, from Glückstadt, Itzehoe, and with earlier generations originating in Kollmar.
  2. Emil Franz August Helmuth Sturm born on 20 Dec 1855 in Belgard.
  3. Henriette Luise Auguste Wilhelmine Sturm born 04 Mar 1858 in Belgard. Died 24 Jun 1858 in Belgard (middle name spelled “Louise” on the death entry). Buried 26 Jun 1858 in Körlin.
  4. Helene Caroline Louise Friederike Marie Sturm born 09 May 1859 in Gramenz, Neustettin. Baptized 15 May 1859. Died unmarried 12 Feb 1938 in Belgard at Jägerstraße 5 in the presence of her niece, Else Schlinz.
  5. ? (Gap from 1860-1865, possibly 1861)
  6. ? (Gap from 1860-1865, possibly 1864)
  7. Gustav Paul Albert Sturm born 29 Aug 1866 in Belgard; died at home on 11 Mar 1939 in Hamburg, Germany from a heart attack  (cardiomyopathy). His last residence was Reuterstraße 11, Haus 1. Also named “Fritz” on a son’s birth certificate. His first known son was born out of wedlock and later claimed on the death certificate. Paul was a Landschaftsgärtner. Paul’s death certificate also lists his parents’ last residence in Bego by Flensberg, which is clearly wrong. However, it seems to be a peculiar combination of the names “Belgard” and “Degow,” a place which was home to some of the earliest Sturms in the region.
    1. Ernst Gustav Franz Habermann born 07 May 1893 to Hamburg Registry 01; died 24 Jul 1893 to Hamburg Registry 20.
    oo #1 Anna Catharine Elise Habermann
    on 01 May 1895 in Altona (Ottensen), Hamburg, Germany. (Born 07 Mar 1862 in Heiligenstedten, Steinburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany; died 21 Jan 1922 to the Hamburg Registry 20.) She possibly gave birth to another son, Alfred, on January 14, 1894, who was adopted by the Werner family. However, this seems rather unlikely as the birth date is only seven months after Elise’s previous pregnancy. Either the date is wrong, or this person belongs to another family.
    o/o 10 May 1904 in Altona. according to a note in the Standesamt.
    oo #2 Barbara Baborack on 07 Jul 1907 in Harburg, Hamburg, Germany. (She born 30 Nov 1865 in Glashütte-Nantesbuch, Bayern, Germany; died 15 Jan 1914 in Harburg. She was widowed from a previous marriage to Karl Meixner and of the Catholic faith. She had children with her previous husband before marrying Paul Sturm.)
    2. Son (1905-1953) died in Fleigenberg, Harburg, Hamburg, Germany. Unsure of paternity.
    3. Daughter (1909- ) married 1933 and 1943.
    oo #3 Karoline Emma Maria Schinkel on 18 Dec 1916 in Belgard. Paul was living in Harburg an der Elbe. She was living in Belgard. (She was born 29 Dec 1878 in Belgard.)
    o/o 01 Mar 1929 in Hamburg, Germany.
    oo #4 Carla Friederica Martha Schmidt on 12 Jun 1929 to Hamburg Registry 21.
    Paul was mentioned in a Gaunerkartei, allegedly in a profile of criminal offenders. “Evidence of the authoritative search notation from the royal Prussian administrative district of Schleswig.”
  8. Anna Wilhelmine Johanne Sturm born 25 Jul 1869 in Belgard and died 21 May 1920 in Belgard.
    oo Ernst Johannes Carl Schlinz on 23 Oct 1899 in Belgard. (He was born 25 Sep 1871 in Belgard to Albert Schlinz, a Fleischermeister; and Marie Krüger. He was a Hallenmeister. Later, he died 31 Dec 1918 in Belgard. Of this union, four children were known:

    1. Else Marie Helene Johanne Schlinz born 19 Oct 1900 in Belgard.
    2. Hedwig Marie Anne Schlinz born 18 Feb 1902 in Belgard. Moved to Glückstadt after World War II.
    3. Margarete Hermine Anna Schlinz born 28 Apr 1905 in Belgard.
    4. Karl Albert Gustav Schlinz born 19 Aug 1906 in Belgard.

Several mysteries exist in this family. For one, why was Gustav Sturm’s father listed as the Seilermeister in Körlin? It would seem that Johann Sturm, his family that will be shown below, could be a likely candidate for a father. However, his death certificate lists his father’s death preceding him in Körlin. While it stands to reason that Gustav could be the son of Johann Friedrich Sturm, the problem remains that the death entry states Gustav’s father died in Körlin prior to his death. Land records for Körlin have finally clarified that Gustav’s father was the Seilermeister Johann Friedrich Sturm and that his mother, Wilhelmine Knop, died on November 14, 1852 in Körlin.

It would make logical sense that Gustav was named after his uncle, Gustav Zwirschy, if in fact the Zwirschy family was that closely related. Without more records, this leap cannot be substantiated. Were there indeed more from the family that followed the same profession? And mostly, larger questions related to Johanne Dewuske. Who were her parents? Was the Wirtschafts-Inspektor really a Sturm, or was that an error by the Standesamt? Was she adopted into the Sturm family? Or possibly likely, was she born out of wedlock, taking on her mother’s maiden name before her mother married a Sturm? Or even more, was her name a mistranscription of the name “Zwirschy/Zwirsky”?

As a final note, Johanne was mentioned in a number of church records as a godparent:

  1. Albert Gressel, Fleischermeister, and Amalie Scheunemann’s daughter, Bertha Mathilde Johanne Gressel. Born February 14, 1854 and baptized February 19th in Belgard. Taufpate:
    1. Friedrich Albrecht, Gerichtsdiener
    2. Mathilde geb. Gressel, Schuhmacher Godlewsky’s wife
    3. Johanne Dewuske verh.. Seiler Sturm
  2. Johann Friedrich Müller and Friederike Pittelkow’s daughter, Johanne Auguste Wilhelmine Müller. Born May 14, 1854 and baptized May 21st in Belgard.  Taufpate:
    1. Johanne Sturm, Seilerfrau
    2. Carl Rohl
    3. Wilhelmine Lange
  3. Carl Manke, Arbeitsmann, and Henriette Jacob’s son, Maximilian Wilhelm Carl Manke. Born November 22, 1854 and Baptized December 10th in Belgard. Taufpate:
    1. August Eschenhagen
    2. August Maaß, Mauermeister ? Rohl
    3. Johanne Sturm geb. Dewursky
  4. Franz Gebauer, Gartiermeister bei den Bruder?, and Mathilde Hollmann’s daughter, Anne Emilie Friederike Gebauer. Born October 13, 1856 and baptized November 2nd in Belgard. Taufpate:
    1. Luis Dänell (Dänel), Sattlermeister in Cörlin
    2. Emile Gebauer, verh. Polizeidiener Neitzke in Belgard
    3. Johanne Dewuske, verh. Seiler Sturm
  5. Gärtner Wilhelm Wollenberg and Caroline Hagemann’s daughter, Elise Auguste Johanne Wollenberg (dead). Born March 24, 1860 and baptized March 28th in Gramenz. (Nach Tauf bestätigt April 1.) Taufpate:
    1. Friedrich Meitz
    2. Auguste Bordt, verh. Reichow
    3. Johanne Dewuske, verh. Sturm

The Family of Johann Friedrich Sturm

The only other Sturm whose family is clearly outlined as a Seiler is Johann Friedrich Sturm. He was a Seilermeister und Bürger in Körlin, owning a Berggarten in from 1842-1854, as shown in a mortgage book. He is also likely to be the descendant of Johann Christoph Sturm, an invalid hussar whose last will and testament will be explored later in this writing. I am of the opinion the connection might be through Johann Christoph’s son, Christoph Friedrich Sturm, a Knecht in Körlin.

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Johann Friedrich Sturm was born abt. 1805 in Körlin. He, like Gustav, was a Seilermeister; Johann’s father was also a Seilermeister who died in Körlin, though his mother was reportedly deceased in Neustettin. This appears to possibly be incorrect, as Abigail Christine Werlein, the wife of Seilermeister Sturm, died in Naugard during a visit with her daughter. Johann, himself, also died in Körlin on 08 Mar 1892, having lived part of his life in Belgard. He was a Seilermeister, Tabagist, Schankwirth, and Gastwirth; he was also a Bürger in Körlin meaning that he was a paying citizen.

Johann was also twice married; these are his known associations through both church and civil registry documents:

 oo #1 Wilhelmine Friederike Ulrike Knoop (Knop)

  1. Gustav Carl Friedrich Sturm, married to Johanne Dewuske. Same as above.
  2. Ludwig Johann Wilhelm Sturm born 21 Sep 1829 in Belgard, though Stargard’s church book incorrectly lists his birth as 1821. He was a Schloßer by trade. Many of his children can be observed in the Stargard register; however, much of the information found in this list of souls fall in direct conflict with other reliable sources and secondary indexed sources which no longer have primary sources to back them up. For this reason, the Stargard register should be observed carefully and compared with other surviving resources to arrive at the correct conclusions. Where no other sources exist, data has been compiled but should not be considered flawless. All are considered to have been born in Körlin according to this register. Despite this, it is entirely possible that the second wife bore him no children and that all of the children belonged from his first marriage.
    oo #1 Johanna Rosa Henrietta Technow (born 03 Mar 1836, allegedly in Cammin bei Körlin a.d. Persante–more likely in Körlin; died in Körlin.)

    1. Elise Emilie Emma Sturm born 01 Jun 1859 in Körlin, Kolberg-Körlin, Pommern. The parish register does not list her name as “Elise.” Died abt. 1948. She immigrated to the United States in 1902 and lived in Winona, Minnesota by 1903.
      oo Rudolf Albert Putz (Schmieds, Schloßer, Geselle, and blacksmith) on 08 Apr 1889 in Grabow, Randow, Pommern. Albert Putz was born 01 Apr 1860 in Wilketen, Memel, Ostpreußen.

      1. Margarethe Emma Louise Sturm born 21 Sep 1881 in Stettin, Pommern to Elise Sturm without a father being named. She was a Plätterin in Stettin.
        oo Franz Wilhelm Brandenburg on 12 Oct 1903 in Stettin, also an illegitimate child. He was a Handlungsgehilfe, born 18 Jan 1879 in Greifenhagen, Pommern to Berta Brandenburg.

        1. Alfred Hermann Franz Brandenburg born 08 Feb 1904 in Stettin.
        2. Reinhold Richard Ernst Brandenburg born 02 Apr 1905 in Stettin.
      2. Anna Minna Louise Putz born 19 Aug 1889 in Grabow, Randow, Pommern.
      3. Elisabeth Putz born 24 Jan 1891 in Pommern. (Not found in the Grabow Standesamt. Sourced from Social Security.) Died 16 May 1990 in Wisconsin.
        oo Roy Ott

        1. Lorraine Elizabeth Ott born 01 Aug 1917 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA; died 07 Oct 1991 in Milwaukee.
          oo Alvin Nikolaus Schaenzer, divorced 18 Jan 1965 in Milwaukee. (He was born 19 Feb 1915 in Milwaukee and died 07 Oct 1991 in Milwaukee.

          1. Ronald Alvin Schaenzer born 21 Nov 1941 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA; died 27 Nov 2007 in Tucson, Pima, Arizona, USA.
      4. Fritz Ernst August Putz born 14 Apr 1893 in Grabow, Randow, Pommern. Died shortly after in the same place 21 Jun 1893.
      5. Emma Charlotte Marie Putz born 21 Jun 1894 in Grabow, Randow, Pommern.
      6. Gertrud Marie Martha Putz born 05 Apr 1898 in Stettin.
    2. Ernst August Louis Sturm born 30 May 1861 in Körlin, Kolberg-Körlin, Pommern (Stargard’s register lists it as the 29th of May). Died 09 Jan 1945 in Swinemünde, Usedom-Wollin, Pommern of something like degenerative heart failure. He was a Schloßer and Braunswärter.
      oo #1 Johanna Maria Magdalena Pfugradt

      1. Charlotte Johanna Martha Sturm on 26 Dec 1895 in Stettin.
      2. Gertrud Anna Antonie Sturm born 18 Nov 1896 in Stettin and died 20 Mar 1898 also in Stettin.
      3. Gerhardt Rudolf Richard Sturm born 31 Dec 1898 in Stettin.

      oo Bertha Emilie Auguste Käding widowed Wussow, married on 20 Jul 1918 in Finkenwalde, Randow, Pommern. (She was born 14 Dec 1851 in Nörenberg, Saatzig, Pommern and preceded her husband in death on 28 Feb 1935 in Finkenwalde, Randow, Pommern.

    3. Elise Maria Helene Sturm born 24 Jan 1863 in Stargard, Pommern; the Stargard list differs, listing 1862 as her birth year. She immigrated to the United States on April 4, 1883. She died 04 Jan 1938 in Winona, Minnesota, USA.
      oo Hermann Alfred Fischer married on 22 Sep 1883 in Winona. He was born 27 Nov 1850 in Treptow an der Rega, Greifenberg, Pommern and died 31 Jan 1938 in Winona.

      1. Albert Ernest (Ernst Louis?) Fischer born 11 Dec 1888 in Winona. Died 08 Sep 1969 in Winona. He was a candy manufacturer, retiring in 1961 from Fischer Candy Co. He had five children.
        oo Florence E. Scherer married on 11 May 1912 in Winona. She died in 1942.
        oo Hattie Buerman married on 1944.
      2. Emil Gustav Berthold Fischer born 23 Apr 1890 in Winona and died in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the VA Hospital on 29 Oct 1967. According to documentation, he was married twice, though his first marriage has yet to be documented.
        oo Eleanor Veronica Rymarkiewicz (She was born 13 Jan 1907 in Winona and died 16 Jan 1984 in the same place. She was previously married to a Brown.)

        1. William Emil Fischer born 23 Nov 1934 in Winona, Minnesota, USA and died 03 Jan 2017 in Goldsboro, Wayne, North Carolina, USA.
          oo Barbara Jean Renn (Born 27 Aug 1935 in Goldsboro and died there on 29 Aug 2002.)
      3. Elise Emma Hertha Fischer born 24 Feb 1892 and died 27 Feb 1892 in Winona.
      4. Hermann Fischer born August 12, 1893 in WInona. His World War I draft information lists his middle name as “August” while World War II lists it as “Alfred.”
        oo Florence McCumber on 17 Dec 1914 in Winona.

         oo #2 Wilhelmine Friederike Henriette Neste (born 16 Nov 1832 in Körlin.) She is assumed to be the mother of the following:

    1. Marie Anna Bartine Sturm born 26 Oct 1866 in Körlin, Kolberg-Körlin, Pommern.
    2. Heinrich Albert Wilhelm Sturm born 30 Jun 1870 in Körlin; died 03 Feb 1882.
    3. Anna Maria Louise Sturm born 12 Dec 1872 in Körlin. She died 22 Dec 1881.
  1. Auguste Henriette Wilhelmine Sturm born 20 Jul 1831 in Belgard.
    oo Georg Friedrich August Schulz born abt. 1824 (possibly 1 Jan 1826). They married 28 Jul 1853 in Körlin. He was a Thierarzt (v. der 4 Esk). Both he and his wife died on or before 1877.

    1. Paul Georg Julius Schulz born 25 Jan 1854 in Körlin. He died on 23 Oct 1895 in Soldin, Neumark. Georg was a Kaufmann.
      oo Emilie Mathilde Thewald on 10 Sep 1877 in Soldin. She was born 23 Aug 1855 in Glasow. She outlived her daughter who died in 1902.

      1. Margarethe Hedwig Mathilde Schulz born 04 Dec 1878 in Soldin and died 19 Jul 1902 to Finkenwalde, Randow, Pommern. She was never married.
  2. Herrmann Albert Julius Sturm born 28 Aug 1833 in Belgard. (Not mentioned in the Körlin Haus #200 document in Erben. Might have died before 1854.)
  3. Ferdinand Heinrich Theodor Sturm born 05 Oct 1835 in Belgard. (Not mentioned in the Körlin Haus #200 document in Erben. Might have died before 1854.)
  4. Hellmuth Adolf August Sturm born 08 Apr 1837 in Belgard. Died 09 Jul 1883 in Kyowsthal, Finkenwalde, Randow, Pommern. His death certificate incorrectly denotes his mother to be “Wilhelmine Kiekbusch.” It is possible that he was a Kaufmann (merchant) by 1859, as a Helmuth Sturm was mentioned as a godparent in the baptism of Gustav and Johanne’s daughter, Helene. Also as evidence of the connection between his family and the Zwirsky (Zwirschÿ)  family, Gustav Zwirschÿ witnessed Helmuth’s death, signing the death certificate at the Standesamt. No marriage was ever listed, and it is likely he died unmarried.
  5. Emilie Louise Sturm (possibly the child of the first marriage) was born 08 Sep 1841 in Körlin. She died unmarried 31 Mar 1875 in Neustettin. Another Auguste Emilie Dorothea Sturm was mentioned in Erben for the Körlin Haus #200. I am of the opinion these are the same people; both were the daughter of Seiler Johann Sturm in Körlin. She was married to the Kaiserliche Postsekretair Friedrich Wilhelm Meyes in Neustettin.
  6. Ernst August Otto Sturm was born abt Jul 1842 and died 02 Apr 1870 in Belgard of Schwindsucht at the age of 27 years, 9 months and was buried on the 05 Apr 1870. He was an Apotheker. (The full name was taken from the Haus #200 document, and the last few of the six children in Erben appear to have been written out of order.)

oo #2 Louise Lange

  1. Henriette Maria Mathilde Sturm born 08 Sep 1855 in Körlin and died 27 Apr 1938 in Hamburg.
    oo Carl Franz Wilhelm Erdmann on 16 Apr 1880 Körlin. Franz was living in Kolberg at the time of the marriage. He was born 23 Oct 1855 in Körlin. He was a Postsekretär. Franz died in 02 Feb 1937 in Hamburg, Germany.

    1. Elisabeth Johanna Bertha Erdmann born 09 Jan 1881 in Kolberg, dying within her first year of life on 02 Nov 1881.
    2. Otto Paul Wilhelm Erdmann born 30 Apr 1882 in Kolbergermünde, Kolberg-Körlin, Pommern. He died on 26 Nov 1958 in Hamburg, Germany. Throughout his life, he would take on a similar profession as his father as a Postinspektor.
      oo Marta Anna Musal on 06 Apr 1911 in Hamburg. She was born 02 Oct 1882 in Skempsk, Briesen, Marienwerder, Westpreußen and died on 16 Nov 1969 in Hamburg in the Lurup borough.
    3. Margaretha Elfriede Bertha Erdmann born 28 Oct 1886 in Kolberg. He died just before his first birthday on 11 Oct 1887.
  2. Ernst August Ludwig Sturm born 06 Nov 1857 in Körlin. Died on 18 Jun 1937 in Belgard. He followed the family profession, becoming a Seilermeister like his father. He was also known as a Rentenamtanfänger.
    oo Auguste Marie Charlotte Dassow on 14 Nov 1884 in Körlin, Kolberg-Körlin, Pommern. (She was born 25 Feb 1867 in Körlin.) They were married two months before their first born child. She was the daughter of Carl Kath who died in Körlin and Ulrike Kath. Her sibling Anna Louise Laura Dassow was born 16 Jul 1869 in Körlin, and married Max Hermann Paul Müller 06 Jun 1902 in Körlin; they divorced five years later on 08 Mar 1907 in Körlin according to documentation from 26 Feb 1907. Another sibling, Emil Wilhelm Adalbert Dassow, was born abt. 28 Aug 1874, and died one year and three days later in Körlin on 31 Aug 1875.

    1. Emma Elsa Hedwig Sturm born 24 Jan 1885 in Körlin.
    2. Ernst August Ludwig Sturm born 30 Jul 1886 in Körlin.
      oo Herta Selma Asta Reblin on 28 Oct 1910 in Belgard. (She was born 21 Feb 1886 in Belgard.) Two children were known of this union.
    3. Paul Willy Max Sturm born 04 Sep 1887 in Körlin.
    4. Fritz Johann Franz Sturm born 09 Jul 1889 in Körlin.
    5. Hedwig Marie Anna Sturm born 11 Jan 1891 and died 17 Mar 1892 in Körlin at the age of one year and two months.
    6. August Johann Franz Sturm born 28 Oct 1892 in Körlin.
    7. Otto Karl Franz Sturm born 13 Mar 1894 in Körlin.
    8. Marie Frieda Bertha Sturm born 09 Sep 1899 in Körlin.

The Family of the Seilermeister Sturm

Not much can be gleaned from the records concerning the first Seilermeister in Körlin. I am currently in the works of procuring additional documentation on the rope maker guilds in the neighboring communities. Perhaps the answer lies there. Unfortunately, as of yet, the master rope maker has not been found with his given name in any documents.

Seilermeister Sturm
oo Abigail Christine Werlein
was the wife of the Seilermeister in Körlin. She died 10 Sept 1853 in Naugard in Kreis Naugard of Asiatic cholera at the age of 72 years, 4 months (she would have been born abt. 1781). She died during a visit from Körlin to her daughter, the registrar Zwirschy’s wife. She was quickly buried two days later on the 12th, leaving behind her widower husband and two children past the age of majority. One of them is certainly Henriette Sturm. However, the other son has yet to be positively identified in documents. I am of the opinion that Johann Friedrich Sturm is the possible other sibling. Her husband probably died after September 1853.

Land records show that a Werlein family did live in the area of Körlin near the Sturm family, as “Die im Hypothekenbuche der Wiesen und Würdeländer de 1817 [Körlin] sub Nr. 9 verzeichnete Wiese. Besitzer: Ackerbürger Christoph Heise” shows a Schlächtermeister and Fleischer Johann Conradt Werlein in 1794. In the same document for Würdelander Nr. 50, a (difficult to read… maybe “Kaufmann Heinrich”) Wilhelm Werlang.

  1. Johann Friedrich Sturm of the above mentioned family.
  2. Henriette Louise Christine Sturm born abt. 1813 and died in Stettin.
    oo Heinrich Gustav Zwirschÿ (also spelled Zwirsky and Zehwirsky in some records) married on 25 Oct 1831 as listed by the garrison church books from Stettin. It is possible they were married in Körlin, but records do not exist to support this. Gustav was born abt. 1805 in Rosenthal, Soldin, Neumark. He would become the first Wachtmeister in the 2nd Gendarm of the 4th Brigade. Later, he would have the titles of Quartiermesiter, Stadtinspektor, Straßeneinigungs-Inspektor, and Pensionierter. He was the Kustodie-Inspektor in Stettin in 1855. Gustav died on 19 Aug 1893 in Stettin.

    1. Auguste Henriette Zwirschy born abt. 1833 in Körlin. Died 24 Jan 1918 in Swinemünde at the age of 85 years old. Also known as Henriette Christine Auguste.
      oo Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Hartig

      1. Ernst Conrad Julius Hartig born 1 May 1862 in Stettin; died 18 Nov 1939 in Wollin.
        oo Luise Fürstenberg
    2. Emma Louise Mathilde Zwirschy born 20 June 1835 in Körlin. Died 19 Dec 1914 in Wiesbaden, Hessen, Germany. Unmarried as far as records document.
    3. Heinrich Gustav Adolph Zwirschy born 1 Dec 1840 in Stettin.
    4. Louise Auguste Emilie Zwirschy born 24 Nov 1844 in Stargard with the note “Landwehr and Gendarmie-ganz Pommern aus Stettin.”
    5. Johanna Dorothea Helene Zwirschy born 4 Apr 1846 in Stettin.

The Testament of Johann Christoph Sturm

The first Sturm in the Körlin area that I could find was Johann Christoph Sturm. While Sturm is a fairly common name surrounding Kolberg, it seems those who lived in Körlin were limited to the Seiler family. It must be noted that there were two families whose names stayed predominantly as they were written: Sturm and Storm, the latter of which is more common near Kolberg. Sturm has some prevalence around Neumühl and Alt Bork. My hypothesis is that the Sturm family from Körlin also originated from the Greifenberg area near Zarben and Gribow as there is a high concentration of people sharing the family name. Additionally, those dying in Körlin from other families would be buried in Greifenberg. Oddly enough, the family outlined here seemed to have Körlin as their final resting places.

Johann Christoph Sturm born abt. 1714 and died prior to the reading and publication of his will, which took place on February 9, 1809. He was an invalid hussar who lived in Degow, passing away in Quetzin. The last will and testament shown below was written October 24, 1793.
oo #1 ??

  1. Johann Caspar Sturm a Knecht in Dassow.
  2. Christoph Friedrich Sturm a Knecht in Körlin.

oo #2 Maria Buschen who was too old and infirm to be present at the reading of his will. She was remarried to Altwirth Michel Neitzke.

His testament was transcribed by and with great thanks to Martina Riesener from the Kolberger Lande research group and Heimatkreis. Until I have time to provide a translation, please use Google Translate to assist with deciphering its contents. Please note that this is not the entirety of his testament, as it seems an addendum was written on July 22, 1845, concerning Christoph Friedrich Sturm in Körlin. The complete original text can be viewed on our online portal after signing in.

In this testament, Sturm makes his wife and two sons equal heirs of inheritance. A small legacy was also left to the church in Degow. I am of the strongest opinion that Johann Christoph Sturm and his son Christoph Friedrich Sturm must be directly related to the families chronicled above.

Actum Colberg in Judicio Capituli
Den 24ten Octbr. 1793
Es erscheint der Invalide Husar Johann Christoph
Sturm, Einlieger in dem Capitels Dorfe Degow,
und zeiget in Beistand des Schultzen Ewald Brasche
aus Steckow, und des Schultzen Peter Fischer aus
Poldemin welche er als Zeugen mit anhero ge-
bracht, den wir er als ein 79 Jähriger Mann zu
seiner selbsteigenen Beruhigung und vorzüglich zur
Zufriedenheit seiner gegenwärtigen Ehefrau gebohr-
nen Maria Buschen und seiner erwachsenen 2
Söhne aus ersterer Ehe, gegenwärtig entschloßen
sei, über sein gegenwärtiges und zukünftiges
Vermögen zu disponiren, und diese seine Dispo-
sition dergestalt kein Streit und Wuucher? entstehen
möge, dagegen aber bei seinen alten Tagen
einen beruhigten Ehestand mit seiner Frau
führen, und alle Pflege von Ihr erwarten
zu können, diesemnach declarire er diesen
seinen letzten Willen in folgenderart

Wie Er zu seinem wahren Universal Erben
an seiner ganzen Verlassenschaft hub hono-
Rabile institutionis titulo mit guten Bedacht
und aus freyen Willen förmlich einsetzen wolle
Seine liebe Ehefrau gebohrene Maria Burschen
als mit welcher er seine Kinder am Leben habe
Seinen Sohn aus ersterer Ehe, den Knecht Johann
Caspar Sturm, und
Seinen Sohn ersterer Ehe, den Knecht Christoph
Friedrich Sturm
Dergestalt und alsso, daß sie alle 3, daß
bei seinem erfolgten Ableben übrig bleibende
Vermögen, es bestehe in baaren Capitalien
baarem Gelde, oder anderen Sachen in Liebe
und Frieden unter sich theilen, und jeder
Strang sein Erbtheil ohne Verkürzung nehmen
solle, wiewohl mit der Erweiterung daß seine
Söhne seine Kleidungsstücke vorausz…
eren habe, ohne solche zur Theilung zu
bringen, und wen[n] … Vermuthen
seine gegenwärtige Frau vor Ihm mit
Tode abgehen sollte, so wolle und ver-
ordne Er hiermit ausdrücklich, daß auch
Ihre Erben, an der Verlaßenschafts
auch? Ein Drittel Ahntheil nehmen, und

solches zu fordern berechtigt sei sollen, jedoch
wie sich von selbst verstehe Sie diese Ansprüche
nicht [m]ehr gültig machen können, als bis Er nach
Gottes Willen mit Tode abgegangen.
Dieses wäre sein wahrer und unabgedrungener Wille
welchen Er hirmit gerichtlich declariren, auch noch
hinzu setzen wollen, daß er der Kirche zu
Degow ein Vermächtniß von rttr. aussetze
und wen dieses sein Testament nicht als ein
zieliches gelten sollte, so wolle Er doch das selbe
als ein Codicill, Fidei Commiss, Schenkung von Tods
wegen, oder wie es sonst nach den Gesetzen gül-
tig sein könne, bestanden wißen, und es völlige
Kraft haben solle
Zu Beglaubigung diesem allen hat Testator
dieses von Ihm aufgenommenen Testment wel-
ches Ihm nochmahlen öffentlich vorgelesen
mit seinen Testament Zeugen eigenhändig
So geschehen wie oben

X x x
Bedeutet Johann Christoph Sturm

Ewaldt Brasch Schultz in Stöko
Petter Fischer Schultz in Poldemin
als Zeugen

Daraus ergibt sich:
STURM Johann Christoph, Husar, Invalide
* err. 1713/14 Ort?
+ vor 27.01.1809 Quetzin

I.oo NN NN
II.oo Maria BUSCH
Die Witwe Maria STURM, geb. BUSCH, ist 1809 verehelichte Altwirt Michael NEITZKE.
Sie wohnt 1809 in Dassow und ist so schwach und kränklich, dass sie nicht
zur Testamentseröffnung kommen kann.

Söhne aus I. oo
1. Johann Caspar STURM
1793 Knecht
1809 Einwohner in Dassow
2. Christoph Friedrich STURM
1793 Knecht
1809 Einwohner in Körlin

Other Bits and Pieces

The Sturm family in Neumühl was a milling family, one of which was the Rittergutsbesitzer, the owner of a knightly estate. Theodor Gottlieb Heinrich Sturm was the only son of Gottfried Heinrich Sturm (also written as “Gottlieb”). His parents were Heinrich Sturm and Henriette Wachs; the former lived in the Körlin Amt prior to their deaths.

The Sturms in Alt Bork produced a Schiffszimmermann, Heinrich Sturm who was married to Wilhelmine Kummerow.

In Körlin and Belgard, others certainly directly related can be found, though placing them on the pedigree becomes somewhat of a challenge. In the Körlin military church book, a Herr Schankwirth Sturm is a godparent in March of 1841.

In Belgard, a death entry can be found for an Ernst Sturm. He died 2 Apr 1870 in Belgard from Schwindsucht. He was 27 years, 9 months old and an Apotheker. This would place his birth about June of 1842. While he is not Gustav and Johanne’s son, it is possible that he was the son of Johann Friedrich Sturm. However, it is entirely possible that other members of the Sturm family lived in Körlin and their records have been permanently lost. While this is pure speculation, my hope with continuing research using non-traditional genealogical sources, such as land records, might uncover more truths about this family and their possible connection to the Dewuske family.

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