Lands records for Semerow, formerly of Kreis Schivelbein, begin in the Grundbücher starting in 1855 and go through 1944.

A quick look shows that these surnames appear in these book are: Becker, Borchard, Böttcher, Braasch, Braun, Bugs, Colberg, Dallmann, Damerow, Dreblow, Friedrich, Gruchow, Haese, Hanke, Hohenstein, Jagow, Krause, Lilge, Meyer, Neumann, Plautz, Ponath, Rabenhorst, Roggenbuch, Rowe, Rusch, Schröder, Schultz, Sell, Simon, Uecker, Wenzel, Wetzel, Wilke, Winkelmann, Wojahn, Wothe, Zibell/Ziebell, Zuege. These, however, are not an exhaustive list, and one is encouraged to consult these books for further inspection.

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