The Grundbücher for Siedkow begin around 1823 and chronicle the early owners of land shortly after the peasant farmers were given true land ownership rights. It appears that the third volume of the Siedkow Grundbuch is either missing or does not exist in the Koszalin Archives.

Some surnames that appear as the earliest owners are: Priebe, Lemke (Lemcke), Venzke (Venzcke), Rabe, Manke (Mancke), Blank, Piske, and Lauter. Of these, the Priebe family appears to be the most prolific, as studies have shown numerous descendants of this family from Siedkow to have moved around Kreis Belgard and to neighboring territories.

As with other land registers, full families can be found listed for inheritance purposes, filling in the spaces where the church books have been lost.


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