Hi all! Continuing the series on reading the old German script. Today’s lesson: Sütterlin.

This video will show you the main differences between Sütterlin and Kurrentschrift, picking apart how the letters are different. Take a listen and pay attention! Future episodes will walk you through real-life examples from a variety of records.

So why make these videos? When I first started learning to read the old script, there were very few examples of the letters in practice. I learned best by seeing the lettering over and over again, slowly picking out words as I learned to recognize the individual characters. Sure, other videos help with learning how to write in old script and even learning how to read it, but I wanted to teach others in the same way I learned.

It took me six years to become mostly proficient at reading old script. It’s my hope to expedite this process for you. Especially with the acquisition of land registers and other atypical records, it is extremely important that the public can read them. Stay tuned for future episodes that will focus on Standesamt files, Kirchenbücher, Grundbücher, guild registers, immigration files and more!

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