The following is a family tree submitted by Arlene Lill Cook. Her family came to the United States in 1923 while other relatives immigrated to Australia. Here is what she was able to contribute, and hopes that others might be able or willing to connect and fill in the gaps:

The Family Tree

Ferdinand Lill, born abt. May 31, 1813 (calculated from death date); I do not know the location.  He died January 31, 1868 in Neu Roslasin, Lauenburg.  He married Johanna Mroske.  Their children were:

  1. August Lill, born Dec. 11, 1840 in Nawitz, Lauenburg; he died March 16, 1898 in Lauenburg.
  2. Henriette Lill, married “Mr.” Rach
  3. Auguste Lill
  4. Louise Lill
  5. Wilhelm Lill
  6. Pauline Lill

Notes:  Ev. Kirche Zinzelitz; death of Ferdinand Lill, Kirchenbuch Tote from 1854-1875.  Surviving relative the widow Johanna, born Mroske. 2 Majorenne children:

  • August Lill, Tagelöhner (daylaborer) in Neu Roslasin
  • Henriette Lill, married ? Rach in Belgard (an der Leba), Lauenburg.

4 minorenne Kinder:

  • Auguste Lill married name Manzischau?
  • Louise Lill, married name Franz
  • Wilhelm and Pauline, residents of Neu Roslasin

August Lill (born 1840; died 1898) married Johanna Gust.  They had the following children:

  1. Theresa Louise Harriet Lill, born August 25, 1865 in Neu Roslasin. She married Carl August Poltrock, son of Georg Poltrock, and Arbeiter, and Caroline Weichbrot, on April 8, 1890 in Groß Jannewitz. Carl was a Deputant, born in Lauenburg. His parents resided in Puggerschow. (Marriage certificate part I and part II.)
  2. Hermann Albert Julius Lill, born August 20, 1867 in Neu Roslasin; he died June 20, 1942 in Lauenburg.
  3. Albert Friedrich August Lill, born October 8, 1872 in Neu Roslasin. He married Emma Luise Wenning in Groß Jannewitz on April 4, 1893. (Marriage certificate part I and part II.)
  4. Karl Ferdinand Gustav Lill, born August 20, 1874 in Neu Roslasin; he married, on February 5, 1901 in Lauenburg, Hermine Maeschke, daughter of August Maeschke and Karoline Lutzow.  Hermine was born September 21, 1873 in Neuendorf, Lauenburg. Their children were:
    • Martha Anna Hedwig Lill, born November 23, 1901 in Lauenburg; she died July 30, 1915 in Lauenburg.
    • Karl Gustav Hermann Lill, born Oct. 18, 1903 in Lauenburg; he died 1943 in Lauenburg.  He was married twice (unknown brides) in 1930 and on August 22, 1942 in Steyer.
    • Else Eva Marie Lill, born December 21, 1904 in Lauenburg.  She was married 1927 (unknown groom) in Lauenburg.
    • Walter Willy Lill, born March 10, 1910 in Lauenburg; he died 1937 in Lauenburg.  He married (unknown bride) in 1933.
    • Willy Alfred Lill, born March 18, 1911 in Lauenburg; he died July 28, 1912 in Lauenburg.
    • Margarete Erna Eva Lill, born May 1, 1912 in Lauenburg; she died September 7, 1913 in Lauenburg.
    • Hildegard Lill, born 1917; she died 1945 in Lauenburg.
  1. Gustav Emil Otto Lill, born September 14, 1879 in Neu Roslasin,   He married, on August 8, 1902 in Lauenburg,  Adeline Pauline Kaczor, daughter of Friedrich Kaczor and Ida Wiedenhoft.  Adeline was born January 30, 1882 in Forsthaus Schlatau, Putzig, Westpreussen.  Their children were:
    1. Frieda Emma Therese Lill, born December 26, 1904 in Lauenburg; she died July 15, 1905 in Lauenburg
    2. Emma Eva Johanna Lill, born January 8, 1906 in Lauenburg; she was married (groom unknown) in 1929 in Lauenburg
    3. Alfred Emil Otto Lill, born August 1, 1907 in Lauenburg; he died there in 1907
    4. Gertraud Anna Margarete Lill, born October 12, 1908 in Lauenburg; she was married (groom unknown) on October 17, 1930 in Lauenburg

(Notes: Birth of August Lill, death certificate – the StA Lauenburg (#55/1898); birth data als Randvermerk death certificate, geburtzort (birth?) Nawitz, parents unknown).

Herman Albert Julius Lill (born 1867; died 1942); he married, on Nov. 15, 1895 in Lauenburg, Auguste Rosalie Nowack, daughter of Ferdinand Nowack and Henriette Gillman.  They had the following children:

  1. Helene Anna Auguste Lill, born Nov. 14, 1892 in Lauenburg; she married Johann Fedran,         they were living in either Malchin or Rostock, Mecklenburg in the 1940s.
  2. Paul Willy Hermann Lill, born May 30, 1896 in Lauenburg, he died in France about 1917-18 in         the first world war.
  3. Alfred Wilhelm Gustav Lill, born Nov. 12, 1898 in Lauenburg; he died Feb. 27, 1900 in Lauenburg; the cause of death was whooping cough.
  4. Willy Alfred Reinhold Lill, born March 19, 1902 in Lauenburg; he died April 23, 1903 in Lauenburg.
  5. Erich Karl Fritz Lill, born May 11, 1903; this is my father; he came to the U.S. in 1923, settling in Chicago, Cook Co., IL.
  6. Walter Otto Emil Lill, born August 13, 1905 in Lauenburg; he died March 9, 1906 in Lauenburg.
  7. Erwin Hermann Otto Lill, born July 20, 1906 (presumably also in Lauenburg).
  8. Rudolf Gustav Lill, born March 4, 1911 in Lauenburg; died 1943 in Lauenburg.  Supposedly he died in Russia or Siberia during the Second World War.

My father’s brother Erwin Hermann Otto Lill (born 1906) married Emma Reiske in 1934 in Lauenburg; their children are:

  1. Irene Anna Lill, born and baptized 1938 in Lauenburg
  2. Christel Emma Auguste Lill, born and baptized 1941 in Lauenburg
  3. Eva Lill (believed to have been born about 1942 either in Rostock or Malchin, Mecklenburg

They fled Lauenburg some time around 1941-42.  I have no information about any of this family except that they were still living there in the late 1950s, when Christel was married (I don’t know who she married).

What I can tell you about their years in Lauenburg, is that some of the family was living on the same street:

  • 2 Bulowstrasse: Gustav Lill, worker – 1938
  • 3 Bulowstrasse: Erwin Lill, worker – 1929 (believe this is my father’s brother)
    Rudolf Lill, worker – 1938 (believe this is my father’s youngest brother)
  • 4 Bulowstrasse: Erwin Lill, worker – 1938
    Herman Lill, stonesetter, 1929 & 1938 (my paternal grandfather)

My father also spoke about his relative, Theresa Louise Harriet Lill (born c. 1857-1865) who married a sea captain, Carl August Poltrock; they went to Murtoa, Victoria, Australia about 1890 and raised their family of five children.  Theresa died in Murtoa in 1940; I don’t know who her parents are.  Carl was the son of George Poltrock, born c. 1838 and Caroline Henrietta Weichbrodt (Werbrodt?). My father told me he had been in contact with the Poltrock family in Australia perhaps about 1920-40.

For more information on the Poltrock family from Lauenburg, visit Hans Bove’s website on the Poltrock family history. He has also put together quite an impressive page on Friedrich August Poltrock und Karoline Raasch.

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