Gottlieb Schulz, born 25 Sep 1774, in Hohenselchow, died 1835 Gottlieb was born 25 Sep in Hohenselchow. He was a soldier, a carpenter and owner in the neighboring village of Heinrichshof. Gottlieb married Anne Dorothee Sophie Lohn. Unfortunately, Anne, the wife of carpenter Gottlieb, died young on 18 Jul 1810, age 28, and was buried on 20 Jul 1810. Their children are listed:

  1. Carl Gottlieb Wilhelm Schulz, born in Gartz (neighboring town) on 21 Feb 1800. Carl married on 7 Nov 1822, Miss (virgin) Charlotte Christine Ehrcke, daughter of the deceased farmer and church warden Martin Ehrcke and his wife Christine Steinbring in Hohenselchow, born on 14 Jan 1788.
  2. Lenore, born on 30 Aug. 1802 in Heinrichshof, bapt. on 5 Sep. (Hohenselchow, 1802).
  3. Johann Gottlieb Schulz, born on 8 Nov 1804 in Heinrichshof, baptized on 18 Nov 1804. He died on 15 Apr 1812, age 8, and was buried on 18 Apr 1812.
    1. Lenore Schulz had an illegitimate born, son: Christian, born 12 Oct. 1821 in Heinrichshof, bapt. on 15 Oct. (Hohenselchow, 1821).
  4. Anne Dorothee, born on 1 Sep 1807 in Heinrichshof, baptized on 13 Sep 1807.
  5. Michel (Michael) Schulz, born on 13 Jul 1810 in Heinrichshof.

Anne Dorothee Sophie (Lohn) Schulz, wife of carpenter Gottlieb Schulz in Heinrichshof, son of deceased farmer Gottlieb Schulz, (born on 25 Sep 1774 in Hohenselchow), married on 12 Nov 1810 Louise Schmidt, oldest daughter of the deceased shepherd Christian Schmidt in Krackow, born on 21 Aug ?. (Krackow is in the area, but several villages away.) Luise, wife of carpenter Gottlieb Schulz in Heinrichshof, died on 8 Jun 1816, age 30, and was buried on 12 Jul 1816. One child listed was listed for their marriage.

  1. Luise Friederike Schulz, born on 9 Mar 1814 in Heinrichshof, baptized on 20 Mar 1814.

Gottlieb Schulz, carpenter, owner and widower in Heinrichshof (a close neighboring village of Hohenselchow), born on 25 Sep 1774 in Hohenselchow, married on 28 Nov 1816, Marie Dorothea Düsing widowed Christoff ?, daughter of the deceased Christian Düsing in Krackaw, born on 23 Dec 1776. Marie Dorothea died several months later, on 18 Jan 1817, age 40, and was buried on 21 Jan 1817.

Gottlieb Schulz, owner, carpenter and widower in Heinrichshof, son of the deceased farmer Gottlieb Schulz, born on 25 Sep 1774 in Hohenselchow, married on 22 Aug 1818 Marie Elisabeth Zemcke, daughter of the deceased farmer Christian Zemcke, in Storkow, born on 5 Sep 1797. Children:

  1. Friedrich Wilhelm Schulz, born on 12 Apr 1819 in Heinrichshof, baptized 25 Apr 1819.
  2. Christian Friedrich Gottlieb Schulz, born on 16 Sep 1820, in Heinrichshof, baptized on 1 Oct 1820. He died on 12 Oct 1821, and buried on 15 Oct 1821.
  3. Christian Friedrich Gottlieb Schulz, born on 27 Nov 1822 in Heinrichshof, baptized on 8 Dec 1822.
  4. Friedrich August Schulz, born on 10 Sep 1825 in Heinrichshof, baptized on 25 Sep 1825.
  5. Christian Friedrich Schulz, born on 21 Dec 1827 in Heinrichshof.
  6. Caroline Luise Schulz, born 21 Mar 1831 in Heinrichshof, baptized on 4 Apr.
  7. Christine Luise Schulz, born on 31 Aug 1833 in Heinrichshof, baptized on 15 Sep 1833.

Gottlieb Schulz, in his younger years was a “grenadier soldier,” (a grenadier was originally a specialized soldier, first established as a distinct role in the mid-to-late 17th century, for the throwing of grenades and sometimes assault operations. At that time grenadiers were chosen from the strongest and largest soldiers). Gottlieb, an owner and carpenter in Heinrichshof, died on 20 Jan 1835 of typhus, age 60 years, 3 months, 25 days, and was buried on 22 Jan 1835. He left behind a widow and 5 minor children of his 4th marriage.

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