Martin Dwurske was born about 1728 and lived in house #6. He died on 09 Oct 1803 in Rambow being 75 years old. He married Sophia Charlotte Rzechen and had several children before her death. It is assumed that she died before 1789. (It’s possible she died in childbirth, though no concrete answer has been discovered in the church book). He then married Maria Louisa Dwursken on 31 Jul 1789 in Lupow, having residence in Wendisch Karstnitz at the time. (Her middle name was listed as Elisabeth in other records.) In this entry, he was listed as a widower. She was born about 1755 and died on 01 Mar 1832 in Rambow and was buried on 04 Mar 1832 in the Lupow parish’s Kirchhof at the age of 77 years old (listed as Anna Maria Dwurske, estimated from death, also with reason of two children still living). Inheritors: 1. George 2. Carl

It is important to note that the entries for Catharina are assumed to be correct, though there were others at that time: the daughter of Hans who was born 24 May 1765 and the daughter of Gergen who was born 18 Mar 1760.

Of the first marriage, Martin Dwurske and Sophia Charlotte Rzechen had the following children:

  1. Christian Dworsky was a twin born in Jan 1767 in Wendisch Karstnitz and was baptized on 30 Jan 1767 in Lupow. He died on 01 Feb 1767 in Wendisch Karstnitz.
  2. – Dworsky, an unnamed twin, died prior to the baptism. It is unknown whether the child lived for a short while or if it died at birth. The original text makes it seem that the twins were born early. The script in this entry makes it difficult to discern whether this was a male or female child. (“Früh Kind. Es waren Zwillinge. —eins todt zur woll Leben.” Though, this makes little sense and could end with “Weiblichen.”)
  3. Gottfried Dworsky was born in Feb 1768 in Wendisch Karstnitz and was baptized on 16 Feb 1768 in Lupow. He must have died after 1789, as he was listed as a godparent in that year.
  4. Anna Christina Dworsky was born in Dec 1770 in Wendisch Karstnitz and was baptized on 23 Dec 1770 in Lupow.
  5. Martin Dworsky was born in Nov 1773 in Wendisch Karstnitz and was baptized on 21 Nov 1773 in Lupow.
  6. Charlotte Hedwig Dwurske was born in 1776 in Wendisch Karstnitz and was baptized on 24 Nov 1776. She died on 09 Feb 1795 in Rambow at the age of 18 years old.

    (Sie fand ihren Tod, indem sie aus Unvorsichtigkeit und Vorwitz beim Wasserschöpfen in einen 80 Fuß tiefen Brunnen stürzte.) She found her death by careless imprudence and pertness while drawing water, and she plunged into an 80-foot deep well.
  7. Barbara Elisabeth Dworsken was born in 1780 in Wendisch Karstnitz. The baptism date is difficult to read but could be the 19th of May, 1780. She died on 09 Sep 1781 in Wendisch Karstnitz (“ein Kind,” as a child).
  8. Eleonora Dworsky was born either at the end of 1782 or the beginning of 1783 in Wendisch Karstnitz and baptized on 05 Jan 1783 in Lupow. She died three months later on 30 Mar 1783 in Wendisch Karstnitz from the pox epidemic. A majority of the 59 people who died in the Lupow parish that year died from the same disease.

It is assumed that Sophia Charlotte Rzechen died sometime after the birth of her last known daughter. It would be several years before the widower Martin Dwurske would remarry. On 31 Jul 1789 in Lupow, Maria Louisa Dwursken would become his second wife, bearing him children into his old age. Some records would record her as “Anna Maria,” and this is also substantiated by the name “Ann” being crossed out of the marriage record. Other records for her children list her as “Maria Elisabeth,” though it is possible that this was a mistranscription by the pastor in the duplicate books. Her birth record is not found in the Lupow church book. Together, they would have the following children:

  1. Frantz Ludwig Dwurske was born on 13 May 1790 in Rambow and was baptized on 16 May 1790. He died on 02 Oct 1807 in Rambow.
  2. Johann Jacob Dwurske was born on 06 May 1792 in Rambow and was baptized on 12 May 1792 in Lupow. He died on 04 Mar 1800 in Rambow (in house #5).
  3. Christian David Dwurske was born on 06 Jul 1795 in Rambow and was baptized 12 Jul 1795 in Lupow. He died on 01 Jan 1804 in Rambow (also in house #5) with the calculated age of 7 years and 4 months old. The cause of death was listed as epilepsy.
  4. Carl Fredrich Dwarske was born on 11 Jun 1798 in Rambow (house #5) and was baptized on 11 Jun 1798 in Lupow.
  5. Carl Paul Dwurske was born on 07 Jul 1799 in Rambow (house #6) and was baptized on 14 Jul 1799 in Lupow. He was employed as a Kuhhirt, or a cow herder. He died on 23 Oct 1858 in Jerskowitzer Heinrichshof in Stolp according to the Groß Nossin Kirchenbuch entry 1858/49. His cause of death was listed as “Nerfenschlag,” which was most likely a stroke. His surname was curiously spelled “Darwuhske” in the entry.
  6. Johann George Dwurske was born on 25 Nov 1802 in Rambow and was baptized on 28 Nov 1802 in Lupow. He, like his brother, was a herdsman (Hirt), which presumably means his family would have moved frequently from place to place. He would die before 1854. According to his daughter’s marriage, he last resided in Klein Dübsow. Though, according to Wilhelm’s death certificate, he had died in Darsin.He married Johanne (Hanna) Charlotte Dawurske, daughter of Johann Jacob Dworsken and  possibly Anna Catharina Nofzen, on 15 Dec 1825 in Lupow. She was born about 1795 as the Bauer, Johann Dawurske’s only daughter. Oddly, no birth record exists in this timeframe for her. The marriage lists her as 30 years old at the time of marriage, widowed Schroeder, born Dawurske. Another listing for her daughter, Karoline Friederike, states that her name was Schröder. Her death record stated that her maiden name was “Schwarz.” She died on 24 Jul 1837 in Lupow from typhus (Nervenfieber). This information is corroborated by the marriage entry in the Lupow church book.Hanna was married to the Knecht Christian Friedrich Schröder, the third legitimate son of Peter Schröder (born abt. 1790) from Bewersdorf, on 12 Nov 1819 in Lupow. In this entry, her father was listed as Johann Dawurske, a Bauer from Rambow. Together, they had one known son.
    1. Johann Ferdinand Schröder was born 13 Oct 1820 in Rambow to house #9 and was baptized on 22 Oct 1820 in Lupow. He married Henriette Hingst. These are the children known of that union:
        1. Ferdinand Friedrich Schröder was born on 13 Jul 1865 in Groß Krien and was baptized on 16 Jul 1865 in Groß Dübsow.
        2. Hermann Wilhelm Schröder was born on 14 Jan 1868 in Groß Krien and was baptized on 19 Jan 1868 in Groß Dübsow.
        3. Carl August Schröder was born on 21 Feb 1871 in Groß Krien was baptized on 27 Feb 1871 in Groß Dübsow. He died on 24 Mar 1871.
        4. August Heinrich Schröder was born on 23 Apr 1872 in Groß Krien and was baptized on 28 Apr 1872 in Groß Dübsow. He died on 09 Jul 1873.

      From her second marriage to Johann George Dawurske (as it was written in 1825), four children were known:

    2. August Friedrich Dawurske was born on 26 Mar 1826 in Rambow to house #10 and was baptized 02 Apr 1826 in Lupow. He was later confirmed (living in Rambow, belonging to the Parish Lupow, Synod Colziglow).Throughout his life, his name would also be spelled “Devoske,” “Dowoske,” and “Dewoske. He was employed as a Steinhauer, or a Stonecutter and would find work as a Chaussee Arbeiter. He would marry Johanne Ernestine Charlotte Naß, supposedly in Lauenburg. Her name was also subject to revision and was also written as “Naßke” and “Natz.”She was the daughter of Michael Nass, a Krüger in Jannewitz, and Caroline Horn, born 21 Nov 1830 in Jannewitz in Kreis Schlawe. (Perhaps in Kreis Schlawe, though it could have been Groß Jannewitz in Lauenburg. I am personally of the belief it should be Groß Jannewitz, as more of the family moved to territory in Lauenburg.) She would die on 30 Aug 1898 in Basedow, Demmin, Pommern (current day Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany) at the age of 67 years, 9 months, and 9 days. Her husband would precede her in death on 31 Jan 1886 in Pumlow in Kreis Belgard while working on the Chausseebau. His death record incorrectly lists birthday as April 19th. He married Johanne Ernestine Charlotte Naß, daughter of, in Lauenburg. She was born on 21 Nov 1830 in Jannewitz. She died on 30 Aug 1898 in Basedow, Demmin, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany ((Also listed as Naßke in her death record) 67 Jahre, 9 Monate, 9 Tage).  Together, these children are known from their union. However, more were likely to exist. It was difficult to track down these entries due to August’s movement with his work:
      1. Heinrich Ludwig Dawurske was born on 29 Jun 1854 and was baptized on 29 Jun 1854 in Neuendorf. He died on 28 May 1855 in Neuendorf, Lauenburg (entry 1855/3). He was 11 months and 8 days old. Heinrich Ludwig was buried on 31 May 1855.
      2. Johanne Henriette Dewaske was born on 23 Mar 1856 in Neuendorf, Lauenburg and was baptized on 13 Apr 1856 (entry 1856/7).
      3. Anne Wilhelmine Dewoskÿ was born about 1856. She died on 13 Feb 1860 in Tannenkrug (Erdhütte) and was buried on 17 Feb 1860. She was 4 years old according to the entry recorded in the Wargen Ostpreussen Kirchenbuch.
      4. Emilie Therese Dewuske was born on 25 Jun 1865 in Schwintsch, Danziger Höhe, Danzig and was baptized on 09 Jul 1865 in Praust.
      5. Carl Friedrich August Dewoske was born on 02 Jul 1871 in Fehrbellin, Ostprignitz-Ruppin, Brandenburg, Germany (Fehrbellin an der Chaussee, Kreis Ost. Havelland) and was baptized 16 Jul 1871. His birth entry lists the surname as “Dowoske.” He must have followed in his father’s footsteps, working as a Steinschläger. He married Johanna Maria Droginskÿ, daughter of Matthias Droginskÿ—also a Chauseearbeiter who was dead at the time of the marriage—and Maria Jordan, on 17 Nov 1895 in Crussow, Uckermark, Brandenburg, Germany (Crussow in Erdhütte, Kreis Angermünde). Her maiden name was also spelled “Droschinke.” She was born on 19 Mar 1879 in Lübtow in Erdhütte, Kreis Pyritz. (This is puzzling as Lübtow and Erdhütte are from separate areas.) One child was known from their marriage:
        1. Friede Elsa Johanna Dewoske was born 29 Nov 1896 in Alt Paalow, Schlawe.
      6. Karoline Amalie Daworske was married to Emil Franz Kroll (also Croll), who was known as a Steinschläger. Little is known of this pair.
        1. Anna Auguste Amalie Kroll was born on 20 May 1882 and was baptized on 28 May 1882 in Marnitz, Parchim, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany (Her father was from Christenenhutte to Leppiner ).
        2. Martha Emma Bertha Kroll was born on 25 Aug 1884 and was baptized on 14 Sep 1884 in Waren, Muritz, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany.
        3. Carl Wilhelm Albert Croll was born on 27 Sep 1887 in Rockow, Muritz, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany and was baptized 16 Oct 1887. From the Taufpate, a Hermann Croll is listed as a Steinschläger in Lage.
        4. Hedwig Alwine Luise Croll was born 02 Jun 1891 in Rockow and was baptized 12 Jul 1891.
    3. Florentine Wilhelmine Dawurske was born on 26 Jul 1828 in Klein Dübsow and was baptized in Jul 1828 in Either in Groß Dübsow. The date is half missing from the water damaged pages of the church book, but the first digit is clearly a “2.” She married the Gärtner, Carl Gottlieb Hildebrand (who as born abt. 1823), on 10 Nov 1854 in Neuendorf, Lauenburg, Pommern.
      1. Ida Mathilde Hildebrandt was born on 12 May 1862 and was baptized on 01 Jun 1862 in Neuendorf.
    4. Caroline Friedrike Dawurske was born on 01 Aug 1831 in Rambow and was baptized on 07 Aug 1831. She was also known as “Karoline Friedericke Dawoske,” and was employed as an Aufwärterin. She was confirmed in 1846 in Groß Dübsow while living in Klein Dübsow. She died unmarried on 01 Jan 1889 in Lauenburg, Pommern at the age of 58 years and 5 months. The civil register incorrectly lists her birth as born in 1830. She was mentioned as having one brother.
        1. August Wilhelm Dawurske was illegitimately born on 04 Apr 1868 in Lauenburg. He died on 20 Aug 1868 in Lauenburg, Pommern (The Stammrolle this entry came from was from 1885).
    5. Wilhelm Ludwig Dawurske was born on 12 Feb 1834 in Alt Darsin and was baptized 23 Feb 1834 in Lupow. (His last name would later be spelled “Dawurski” on his death certificate.) Wilhelm was an Arbeiter, a common worker. He died on 28 Aug 1903 in Ohra, Danzig. Though born Lutheran, he would die Catholic at the age of 69 1/2 years old. He married Marie Gleinert, daughter of Johann Gleinert, who had already been dead for some time, and Katharina Grabowski, on 08 Feb 1864 in Ohra, Danzig. She was born on 03 May 1826 in Niederklanau, Karthaus, Westpreußen at the age of 77 1/2 years old. She died on 22 Oct 1903 in Ohra, Danzig. Together, they had one known child:
      1. Anna Dawurski, who witnessed the deaths of her parents. The only known information about her is “unverehelichte Arbeiterin in 1903.”

In all, Martin’s lineage was not of the same privilege as the others in the Dworsky families from the area. His descendants would spend their lives wandering from place to place as poor day laborers.

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