This is the last will and testament of the married couple, Martin Wilhelm Callies and Christine Elisabeth Buske, from 1829. He was a Büdner in Jakobsdorf, Dramburg. Both of them made their mark on the document, a sign that neither could write and were probably illiterate. In 1859, they were too old and infirm to make the trip to Kallies to sign the document. Here, a Wilhelm Zank, also a Büdner and a Besitzer of the Grundstück, signed the document as well. The later handwriting is difficult to read, and it is probable that Wilhelm Zank was the inheritor of their property. However, further research on my part is inconclusive as the document appears to repeat itself and its contents.

If you notice any corrections or additions to this, please feel free to submit them. The full document is available via the link below.

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