The testament of the Altbüdner Martin Geske clarifies that he was very sick. Because of this, he began his last will and testament with some of the earliest pages being dated May 13, 1848. Pastor Vetter in Rützow furthered in the Todesanzeige that Martin Geske was a widower, dying on the 14th of June, 1848 in Quetzin and leaving behind one son and one daughter who were both of the age of majority.

The document lists the Eigenthümer Christian Steinkrauß in the citation of publication of the testament. The Gerichtsmann Gerth was chosen as a witness along with a Büdner (the name is difficult to read). Gottfried Mallowitz appears to have written the testament for Martin Geske.

In his own words, Martin Geske stated that he was once married to Marie Elisabeth Schulz for about 15 years, residing in Quetzin. Since August 18, 1838, after the death of his wife, he lived with his children and his children’s children. It further mentions the Bauerordnung and matters of inheritance. He willed his property and belongings to:

  1. The children of his deceased son, the Einwohner Gottfried Geske:
    a) the Schuhmacher August Geske in Quetzin.
    b) the unmarried Johanne Geske, who was residing in Kolberg.
  2. The children of his deceased daughter, Sophie Geske, who was married to the Einwohner Steinkrauß in Quetzin:
    a) her illegitimate daughter, Regine Geske in Quetzin.
    b) her legitimate daughter, Wilhelmine Steinkrauß
  3. His daughter, Charlotte Geske, who married the Eigenthümer Steinkrauß in Quetzin.
  4. His son, the Büdner Christian Friedrich Geske.

Later pages list Christian Steinkrauß as the husband of Charlotte Geske. The Zimmergeselle Johann Gottfried Geske is mentioned in the final section about Vormundschaft.


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