These files appear to pertain specifically to the Vorwerk Ackerhof rather than the village of Vorwerk. According to the Belgard-Schivelbein website, Vorwerk was a farming village on the outset of the Belgard Castle, apparently lands that the castle used to till before it became its own settlement. Ackerhof was its own distinct farm, a Rittergut–or knightly estate–that was separate from Vorwerk until the two were merged in 1928. Because of this distinction, it was known also as “Vorwerk Ackerhof.”

The books below document the sequestration, subhastation, and leasing contracts (Verpachtung) of Ackerhof and may additionally contain other information about Vorwerk. Sequestrations are the action of taking legal possession of assets until a debt has been paid or other claims have been met. Subhastations are public auctions or sales. Verpachtung and Zeitverpachtung are leasing agreements and time lease contracts for the land.

A few other books in the Koszalin Archive intersperse these signature numbers, placing gaps between several volumes. This is because the other books pertain to Ackerhof in the Bublitz district. Spelling variations such as “Vorwerck” and “Ackerhoff” also appear within the texts, and it appears that the use of “Vorwerks” was to denote the status as the outer works rather than as the actual village name of Vorwerk, hence “Vorwerks Ackerhof.” Those with more information or corrections to this information are encouraged to contribute to this post.


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